Career Development

Career Development

Career Development/A-328

**Career Development Committee is cancelled

for the 21-22 Academic Year**


Develops procedures for the receipt and processing of career deveolopment materials from candidates and academic department assessment committees; receives and considers the reports of the department assessment committees, the supporting documentation, and the statements of the President/designee concerning all employees being assessed; prepares a report to the President containing its recommedndations concerning the allocation of Career Development funds. 


Candidates should submit 3 copies of their applications to the University Senate Office by ____________________



Department Assessment Committee (AC)

President/Designee meets w/CDC on or before 

Election of Department AC on or before 

AC Completes work, submits report(s) to appropriate Dean before 

*Deadline for candidate to submit folder to AC is established by AC

Career Development Committee (CDC)

Deans submit assessment reports and recommendations to University Senate CDC on or before

CDC receives applications from unit members not being assessed on or before 

CDC submits report to President/Designee on or before 

**Prior to submitting report to President/Designee, CDC sends candidates its recommendations. Candidates may respond to CDC's recommendations.

President/Designee President/Designee notifies all applicants of final determinations regarding their career assistance on 


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