Minutes of April 1, 2003 (03/25/03)

Bozorth Hall Auditorium 
(Continuation of March 25 Senate Meeting) Attendance: Stephanie Weidman, Skeff Thomas, Mary Marino, Luke Holbrook, Pat Mosto, James Newell, Erick Guerra, Chuck Schultz, Joe Orlins, Lorin Arnold, Sandy Tweedie, Jennifer Kay, Julie Peterson, Gini Doolittle, Robi Polikar, Susan Taber, Cindy Vitto, Winifred Still, Stuart McGee, Edward Smith, Sonia Spencer, Denyse Lemaire, Dorie Gilchirst, Robert Sterner, Lee Kress, Julie Chang, Judy Holmes, Phillip Lewis, Paul Laumakis, Eric Milou, Paris Von Lockette, Marian Stieber, Abe Witonsky, Bruce Caswell, Tricia Yurak, Joseph Bierman, John Gallagher, Anne Phillips, Harriet Hartman, Sandy McHenry Not in Attendance: Herb Appelson, Lori Block, Karen Siefring, Terri Lehr, Martin Itzkowitz, Jeff Maxson, Bela Mukhoti, Carl Calliari, Janet Moss, Kathleen Small, Greg Biren, David Applebaum, Janet Lindman, Joe Davey, Fay Zhu, Bryan Appleby-Wineberg, Jim Haugh, Hal Vogel, Cindi Hasit, Jay Chaskes, Donna Cook, Nick Schmelz, Barbara Williams, Olusegun Ojewuyi Note: If anyone was omitted from attendance list, it indicates that you did not sign in. Please notify the Senate office and the minutes will be corrected.

Call to Order: President Cindy Vitto called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM. Motion to incorporate the minutes of the April 1, 2003 Senate meeting with the March 25, 2003 Senate meeting minutes, seconded, and carried. A moment of silence was observed for those involved in the war in Iraq. Dorie Gilchrist encouraged senators to attend the Rowan Opera Company performance on April 3, 4, and 5. Several faculty and professional staff members are in the chorus.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Curriculum: -Phillip Lewis announced the first list of proposals sent to the Provost for approval. -There will be 125 curriculum proposals processed this year. -The following curriculum proposals were announced to the Senate: PROCESS A:COLLEGE OF BUSINESS:Management/MISSCC#02-03-100Human Resource Management-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-101Business Policy-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-102Business Forecasting-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-103Advanced Database Management-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-104Design Database Systems-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-105Decision Support Systems-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-106Seminar in MIS-change prerequisitesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-107MIS Specialization within Business Major-change in required coursesUndergraduateSCC#02-03-108Management Simulation-change prerequisitesUndergraduateAccountingSCC#02-03-111Advanced Accounting-new non-gen-ed/majorUndergraduateCOLLEGE OF LAS: HumanitiesHistorySCC#02-03-601Social/Behavioral Science Requirements-change requirements for History Majors-minor curricular changeUndergraduateSCC#02-03-603African American Studies-minor curricular change-minor/concentrationUndergraduateCOLLEGE OF LAS: Math/ScienceComputer ScienceSCC#02-03-800Digital Computer Laboratory-new non-gen-ed courseUndergraduateSCC#02-03-801Computer Science Major-minor curricular change/existing non-gen-ed courseSCC#02-03-804Intro to Objective Oriented Programming-new non-gen-ed courseUndergraduateSCC#02-03-805Object Oriented Programming/Data Abstraction-non-gen-ed degree requirements-major/minorUndergraduateSCC#02-03-806Java for Object Oriented Programmers-new non-gen-ed courseUndergraduate SCC#02-03-112Add Integrative Acct Seminar to BS in Accounting-new non-gen-ed courseUndergraduateSCC#02-03-113Chage Hegis # of Accounting Information Systems-minor curricular changeUndergraduateSCC#02-03-114Change prerequisite & Hegis # of Cost Accounting-minor curricular changeUndergraduateSCC#02-03-115Change Undergrad/Grad Requirements in Accounting-requiring Advanced Accounting & Integrative Accounting Sem-minor curricular changeUndergraduateMarketingSCC#02-03-116Change definition of Junior Standing as a Business Admin Major-minor curricular changeUndergraduateSCC#02-03-117Change prerequisite for Courses in Marketing Specialization-minor curricular changeUndergraduateCOLLEGE EDUCATION:Elementary/Early Childhood EducationSCC#02-03-300Change in Coordinate Major for Elementary Education-minor curricular changeUndergraduateHealth & Exercise ScienceSCC#02-03-302Add Co-requisite status for Foundations of Health Promo/Fitness-minor curricular changeUndergraduateSCC#02-03-311Change Modern Developments in Teaching of Secondary Education to Modern Developments in ESL/Bilingual Education-minor curricular changeGraduate -The following were announced for Senate vote: PROCESS C:COLLEGE OF BUSINESS:Mangement/MISSCC#02-03-109Entrepreneurship Specialization-new specialization-UndergraduateSCC#02-03-110Human Resource Management-new specializationUndergraduateCOLLEGE OF FINE & PERFORMING ARTS:Theatre/DanceSCC#02-03-500Masters of Science in Teaching Dance Education Track-major changes to degree requirementsGraduateSCC#02-03-503BA Degree in Dance-new degree programUndergraduateCOLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES:Computer ScienceSCC#02-03-802Substitute Courses in Computer Science Major-major change/degree requirementsUndergraduateSCC#02-03-803Substitute Courses in Computer Science Minor-major changes/degree requirementsUndergraduate Motion to approve the College of Business curriculum proposals, seconded, and carried. Motion to approve the Fine & Performing Arts curriculum proposals, seconded, and carried. Motion to approve the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Computer Science curriculum proposals, seconded, and carried. -The issue of curriculum no longer in use was discussed, but it was not clear what the process was to remove old curriculum, and who the responsible party was. Evidently at one point in the past an individual in the Registrar's Office was responsible for removing courses that had not been taught for a number of years and for making sure that prerequisites were correct. Most recently this task has been left up to individual departments. When we implement the Banner system, it would be wise to update curriculum information at that time. University Budget & Planning Committee: -The Budget & Planning Committee has formed four sub-committees (revenue enhancement; Academic Affairs; Student Affairs; and Administration and Finance, Budget and Planning, and University Development) to examine cost cutting measures and revenue enhancement. Suggestions were channeled both through Vice Presidents and through the general University community. -On April 10, 2003, the Budget and Planning Committee will meet with President Farish to discuss their rank-ordered list of all committee suggestions. -It was suggested that a campus-wide message go out when the ranked suggestions are posted on the Rowan website. Academic Policies & Procedures: -no report Campus Aesthetics & Environmental Concerns: The committee has held two meetings; the second included a walk around campus with Russ Seagren and Jon Imperatore. The committee visited the site of the new Education Building and the proposed residences behind Hawthorn. As many trees as possible will be saved from the wooded area. The committee has also learned that two of the existing tennis courts will be retained rather than paved over for parking. Campus Master Plan Committee: Although not a standing Senate committee, the Campus Master Plan Committee held its first meeting of the steering committee on March 31. Joe Orlins reported the following as an accompaniment to the Campus Aesthetics and Environmental Concerns report: -The dorms behind Hawthorn will be modular town homes with three levels. Plans range from 400 to 600 bed accommodations. Constructing dorms for 400 beds will preserve more land. -A two level parking facility is also planned for this area. -A portion of the townhouse residences may be set aside for graduate students, for new faculty and staff (temporary housing), or for a "Greek row". -Triad renovations will add 97 extra beds. Career Development: -Applicants have been instructed to submit their applications, but funding may not be granted for the Career Development Program due to the budget crisis. Committee on Committees: Motion to appoint Beena Sukumaran of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Martin Itzkowitz of Communication to the Promotion Committee, and Jane Graziano to the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee, seconded, and carried.

-The forms for committee selections have been duplicated and mailed. The committee has revised the forms and clarified the description of committee make-up, and senators are requested to assist new faculty in selecting committees. -It was suggested that those who received a letter last year indicating thank you but you were not selected for a Senate committee should, if possible, receive a committee assignment this year. Senators were also reminded that committees will need AFT representatives, which offers another avenue of committee service. --Formulas for committee make-up may be changed through a change in by-laws, which requires announcement at a Senate meeting prior to the meeting at which the vote is taken. Intercollegiate Athletics: -no report Learning Outcomes Assessment: -The committee has been reviewing various approaches to outline learning assessment. -A reminder that there will be a speaker on campus, T. Mills Kelly, on Thursday, April 3rd regarding learning assessment. Professional Ethics & Welfare: -Reminder that everyone should sign and return to Human Resources the statement indicating that we have read the policy on conflict of interest. Those holding a professional license in New Jersey and/or engaging in outside employment must complete the form. Promotion: -no report Recruitment, Admissions & Retention: -The committee will convene all academic advisors to share strategies about admitting transfers. -Strategies continue to be developed to resolve problems with transfer student issues. The University plans to increase the number of transfers accepted next spring. Research & Technological Resources: -The committee met with Janet Caldwell to discuss issues that seem to hinder grants and to find ways to improve conditions for those carrying out grants. -One senator informed us that Jim Morrison had purchased a CD from the Foundation for Research Grants, but that the CD has been lost. It was suggested that the committee follow up with Stephanie Kirby to see if she can provide information. -Cindy Vitto mentioned that she had received a request from this committee to follow up on last year's committee resolutions. She urges all committee chairs to (1) consider forwarding resolutions before the May meeting if possible, since resolutions passed in May are often difficult to press forward during the summer, and since committee membership often changes by the following September; (2) begin each new academic year by reviewing the status of the previous year's committee resolutions; (3) to inform the Senate President of pending resolutions for follow-up. -The Senate was reminded that an earlier suggestion had been made to post all resolutions on the Senate homepage for easier tracking. It was suggested that we post the resolutions in two ways: (1) chronologically, listing resolutions from each committee; (2) in an Excel file so that suggestions can be sorted as needed. Sabbatical Leave: -Although the committee completed its work in December, no announcement has yet been made about how the budget crisis will affect sabbaticals. -It is expected that those requesting full-year sabbaticals will have them granted; however, quite likely the advantage of receiving 100% salary for a one-semester sabbatical will be reduced to 75% salary (the funding level stipulated by contract). -Those choosing to defer their sabbatical will have no guarantee that the 100% salary will be re-instituted in the near future. The number of those deferring sabbaticals will probably be large. -Reducing support to 75% may place hardships on some individuals and, in at least one case, would also affect plans involving students. Perhaps sabbatical leave applications should be processed on a case-by-case basis this year. -The Provost agreed with the AFT recommendation that anyone granted a Sabbatical Leave but unable to take it due to budget reasons would be permitted to note this on his or her vita. Student Relations: -At its last meeting, the committee discussed the earlier interim free speech policy. -The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 3rd. Tenure & Recontracting: -no report New Business: -

The summer school advisory board has recommended that registration for summer classes be extended and that the policy for early cancellation of summer courses be modified.

Motion to adjourn at 12:15 PM, seconded and carried. Next regularly scheduled meeting on April 15, 2003.