Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Wellness Center - Spring 2018

If you are in crisis, call Public Safety at 856-256-4911 and ask to speak to the on-call counselor.

If you have a medical emergency call 856-256-4911 or dial



 How do I contact the Wellness Center?

Phone: 856-256-4333

Email: (Email is not monitored 24/7, nor is it to be used for crises)

Location: Winans Hall, Rowan University, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028


Student Health Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Healthy Campus Initiatives

Emergency Medical Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Services


Student Health Services 


Do I have to purchase the student health insurance policy to be seen in Student Health Services?

No. All matriculated Rowan Students currently attending classes are able to visit the Student Health Services.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Appointments are required to be seen at Student Health Services(SHS). Appointments can be made by calling the Student Health Services at (856) 256-4333. Students may also use the Online Wellness Link (OWL) to schedule most appointments for SHS. If you are not able to find the appointment reason or a time you are looking for please contact SHS during normal business hours for assistance. Students should cancel any appointment they are unable to make prior to the appointment time. Students that do not show for a scheduled appointment will receive a No Show Charge ($10-$25). Students under 18 years of age must have a parent/legal guardian sign a Consent for Treatment prior to their visit. It is highly recommended that students call early in the day before appointments fill up. True medical emergencies or major injuries should call 911 or proceed directly to an emergency facility.

Do I pay for services at Student Health Services?

There is no charge for office visits as we are supported, in part, by student fees. We offer certain medications, lab testing, and immunizations for a charge. For these services, you will receive a receipt which may be submitted to your insurance company. Reimbursement is not guaranteed. Students are responsible for prescription drugs, labs, x-rays and outside provider costs. You may also receive personal counseling, including individual, group and couples counseling or psychotherapy at no charge through our affiliated Counseling and Psychological Services Center (856-256-4333).

Charges for Student Health Services

What health records are required?

Certain health forms are required prior attending school. This requirement is part of your New Student Checklist Failure to complete the Mandatory Pre-Entrance Health Forms will result in a hold and up to $100 in late fees on your student account. Click here for help with frequently asked questions related to our immunization requirements.

Can I see a licensed medical provider?

YES. Licensed Registered Nurses are available all hours of operation. Physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants are also available during normal business hours on weekdays (when classes are in session). We are fortunate to have highly qualified staff with experience in emergency care, urgent care, in-patient hospital care and school nursing. Fridays during the semester we have a physician who specializes in neuromuscular medicine from the Neuromuscular Institute at Rowan Medicine. Two days a week a registered dietician is available for consultation with students.

Can I get a “class excuse” if I miss class because I’m sick?

Student Health Services does not provide class excuses. If you are evaluated at the health center for an illness or injury, you can ask for a form verifying your visit. We believe that it is important to rest when ill, especially if the illness can be spread easily by coughing and sneezing. Anyone with a fever of 100.5°F or higher should not attend class. However, your professors may have very strict policies about absences, and they may still consider your illness as an absence that could affect your class grade. If you have an illness that is severe requiring hospitalization or a long recovery, we can assist you in obtaining documentation. Sometimes professors call us wanting to verify that you were really ill, but we can not give this health information to them due to the confidential nature of your health records.

Do our health records remain confidential?

YES. All of your personal and health records are kept strictly confidential according to state and federal laws. NO Health information will be released by our health care providers or other staff to anyone, including your parents, without your prior WRITTEN authorization, EXCEPT in the following situations:

  • When there is a risk of imminent harm to yourself or another person
  • When there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child, elderly person, or mentally incompetent person is being abused, neglected or exploited.
  • When a court of law orders information to be released.
  • When State law requires documentation of immunizations as a condition of attending Rowan University or living in campus housing.

Student Health Services staff and affiliated health care providers, including counseling and psychological services staff, retain the privilege to consult with one another about clients for treatment and/or training purposes. If you participate in group counseling or education, as a member of the group you will be expected to commit to maintaining the confidentiality of that group.  The Wellness Center will submit a report to the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan for any visit by a student who purchased the plan. The plan is in the student’s name and any communications related to the insurance plan will be to the student.

What do I need to know to help stay healthy while on campus?

Many new students find that they get more upper respiratory viral infections (colds & coughs) than usual. This is due, in part, to changes in eating and sleeping habits, but it is primarily due to your increased exposure to people from many regions of the state, country and world. You are being exposed to more viruses and bacteria as you live and eat in close quarters with other students. The best prevention is simply washing your hands well before eating and after being with other people. Wash hands with soap and warm water and rub hands under water for 15 seconds (long enough to sing "happy birthday"). Carry alcohol-based gel for times when you can't wash hands. Don't touch your hands to your face (especially nose, eyes and mouth). Avoid sharing drinks and cigarettes, or playing games that involve kissing people or drinking from a previously used cup (as is common in "drinking games" such as Beer Pong.) This sounds like simple advice but it really works! If you have chronic health problems, please ask your personal health care provider about getting the flu vaccine. We will have a flu clinic on campus throughout the fall and winter. Other infections are spread by sexual contact and all universities, including Rowan, have students with sexually transmitted infections.

Can I receive reproductive/sexual health services on campus?

Yes. Famcare, our local family planning agency, is on campus once a week during the semester available by appointment. Their office is also one block off campus at 711 N. Main Street in Glassboro. Additionally Healthy Campus Initiatives offers Free Condom Friday during the semester, the lobby is always stocked with condoms in our self service vending machine and condoms are available in Student Health Services. Condoms help reduce the spread of some but not all sexually transmitted infections, so your safest sex is no sex. Always use a condom when having sex, including oral sex. Most importantly, avoid alcohol and other substances that may reduce your inhibitions and cloud your judgment in making a healthy choice. And remember, the best party can be a sober party!

Do I need health insurance while attending Rowan?

All matriculated students are required to have health insurance as a condition of full time enrollment at Rowan University. However, the New Jersey State law has recently changed. Senate Bill No. 2291, signed into law on July 5, 2013 as P.L.2013, c.78, eliminated the State’s statutory requirement that all full-time students at public and private institutions of higher education in New Jersey have health insurance coverage. The law still requires all universities to offer health insurance coverage to full-time students.

In order to comply with this requirement and to provide students with high quality but low cost insurance, Rowan University, in association with many state universities, continues to offer a health insurance plan through Aetna Student Health. This insurance plan is a “hard-waiver” plan, which means that all students who do not already have insurance coverage are required to purchase the insurance. If students do not present evidence of health insurance before the September 1st, the cost for insurance through Aetna will be automatically added to the term bill for all full-time students.

For this academic year, all available options were carefully assessed and it was concluded that a “hard-waiver” plan was the best choice for our students. All available options will continue to be reviewed, including the status of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on available health insurance.

How do I safely dispose of sharps while on campus?

Students are advised to use caution when disposing of needles.

  • Follow the instructions provided by the NJ Department of Health and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Never throw away a needle or lancet in the trash or recycling. After use, place needles in an approved biohazard container or heavy plastic container, like a detergent bottle.
  • When the container is 2/3 full, secure the lid, wrap duct tape around lid and label the container “SHARPS. DO NOT RECYCLE.” Place the container in the trash.
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Counseling and Psychological Services

How do I become involved in counseling services or refer a student?

For students, please call Counseling and Psychological Services at 856-256-4333 or walk-in to schedule an initial screening/triage appointment.  If you are having an emergency, we will make every attempt to assist you immediately.  Please note that, depending on your needs and counselor availability, you may be asked to wait.  If during non-business hours, please call 856-256-4911 and ask to speak with a counselor.   For more information about all our services, go here.

Staff and faculty in the university community are encouraged to make referrals to Counseling & Psychological Services if they have concerns about a particular student. If assistance is needed, contact CPS during regular office hours and ask to speak to a counselor. In the event of an emergency situation, CPS will make every attempt to assist you immediately. Go here for more information.  If during non-business hours, please call 856-256-4911 and ask to speak to a counselor.

What should I expect at my first appointment/what is a triage? 

At your first appointment with a counselor, you will meet for approximately 30 minutes to review concerns, learn about our services, and learn about other resources. The purpose of this appointment is to assess your needs and provide you with information about the services we offer. Based on information presented, the counselor will make recommendations that may include individual or group counseling, further evaluation or referral to other services on or off campus. Go here for more information. 

Will my insurance be billed for a visit to the Wellness Center?

No, the Wellness Center does not bill third party insurance companies for your visit. However, the Wellness Center will submit a report to the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan for any visit by a student who purchased the plan, click here for more information


What is Let’s Talk?

"Let's Talk" is a service that provides students with the ability to meet with a counselor from CPS for informal, confidential consultations that are brief and solution-focused.  There is no appointment necessary for this service nor a fee; students can drop in for these 15-20 minute sessions held at different sites around campus during certain times throughout the week. All sites are open to all students. For hours and locations, click here

Why am I being referred to a group?

At Rowan University, Counseling & Psychological Services, we believe in the power of groups! For many of the issues college students face, group therapy has been shown to be the most effective treatment approach. For example, in struggles with relationships, stress, anxiety, and other emotional problems, group therapy can be more effective than individual counseling. Experiencing counseling in a group setting is helpful when trying to understand your own situation by giving you an opportunity to learn from others. It can also be therapeutic to understand there are others experiencing similar situations and that you are not alone! For more information about groups, go here

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Healthy Campus Initiatives

What is Healthy Campus Initiatives?

Healthy Campus Initiatives (HCI) is a health promotion department that helps students take an active role in their own wellness. Graduate and undergraduate students work alongside staff to educate the Rowan population on a variety of topics including suicide prevention, sexual violence prevention, sexual health education, mental health, and substance use.

How do I complete Alcohol-Wise? 

The Alcohol-Wise course takes about one hour to complete and the follow-up takes about 15 minutes. To receive credit, you must follow the instructions below and enter the correct control number:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the student log-in section on the upper left side of the page.
  3. Use your Rowan email address (ex. and enter the generic password PROFS. You will then be required to change your password. Please write this new password down for future reference.
For more information about Alcohol-Wise, click here

How do I apply to intern at HCI?

HCI offers several opportunities for students to be involved in planning and implementing a variety of health and wellness programs on campus. Students will learn in-depth about relevant issues to college health and have the opportunity to collaborate with several different departments and organizations.

HCI interns are selected in December and April for the following semester.  Each intern takes ownership of one major event or topic and plans, executes, and evaluates their program.  Internship allows for students to select a topic that they feel passionate about that is also relevant to college health on the Rowan campus. For more information about getting involved in HCI, visit our ProfLink page.

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

How do I call an ambulance on campus in an emergency?

Just call public safety at 856-256-4911 or dial 9-1-1 and tell the operator your location and type of emergency. Be sure to provide the proper room number and building name or if outside the closest street or landmark such as a building to insure you are quickly located.

What is Rowan University Emergency Medical Services (RUEMS)?

RUEMS is a state licensed 9-1-1 response agency that provides emergency medical response services with two fully staffed ambulances 24hrs a day when classes are in session and on a limited daytime schedule during semester breaks.

Will I be charged a fee for services provided by Rowan EMS?

NO! RUEMS does not charge for service. EMS and transport services are provided to our patients free of any charge. Our operating budget is provided by Student Government Association with funds from activity fees and we are also supported with an additional fuel and repair budget from the Wellness Center.


What hospital will I be taken to?

Our transport destinations are decided based on patient condition and existing medical conditions.

We generally will transport to the closest appropriate medical facility. Our primary hospitals are Jefferson Hospital in Washington Twp., Inspira Hospital in Woodbury and Inspira Hospital in Elmer. All Trauma and critically injured patients are transport to Cooper Hospital in Camden.


Can I request a specific hospital?

If your request is to one of our primary destinations you may request a specific hospital. If you have an existing medical condition that requires specialized treatment the crew may provide transport to a facility within a reasonable distance to the campus. Transport times to the receiving facility shall not exceed 40 minutes.

Will the ambulance take me to Urgent Care?


No. Ambulances are prohibited by state regulations from transporting patients to any locations other than a hospital. You can request transport to the closest Urgent Care by calling Public Safety at 856-256-4922.

How do I get to a doctor’s appointment off campus if I don’t have a car?

RUEMS provides a non-emergent transport service for off campus medical appointment on a set schedule of Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm. You can schedule a transport by email at  See the RUEMS Website for distance restrictions and further information on this service.

Can I volunteer for Rowan University EMS?

Yes. We provide opportunities for new members to ride on emergency calls as observers (thirds) to see if this is something they would like to get involved in and if EMS is a good fit for them. Click here to download an application. Once filled out please print it out and turn it in at the RUEMS station behind Winans Hall. If no one is in the station please place it in the applications box to the left of the door.

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Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AOD)

Can a student get help for substance abuse at the Wellness Center?

Yes. The center provides, Level I,  AOD consultations, screening, assessment, individual and group therapy, and an AOD Educational program.  

What is an AOD Screening?

An AOD ( Alcohol & Other Drugs) screening is a one-on-one individual interview utilizing evidence-based screening tools to help determine and assess the need for AOD Treatment. Screenings at the Wellness Center are NOT drug tests.


Does the Wellness Center provide court ordered, DUI, probations, substance abuse evaluations and treatment?

No. Because most, if not all, forensic, court ordered assessment and treatment require a regular drug testing component as part of the treatment plan and as substance use monitoring tool. The Wellness Center does not provide ongoing, regular drug testing. Also, in many cases, court ordered programs require a higher level of care and longer periods of participation than is conducive to the University schedule. The Center will provide consultation and technical assistance in helping students secure the appropriate treatment with in the community.


Will I get in trouble with the school if I seek Drug & Alcohol Services? Will the Wellness Center notify my parents if I come in for Substance Abuse Services?

No. All students seeking services at the Wellness Center are protected by very rigid and strict laws that protect client confidentiality. Barring specific clarifiers,  no person or entity can have access to student information based on counseling services unless that gives specific consent and signs appropriate consent forms. Rowan University supports all student efforts to seek help for any substance abuse concerns.


Will the university or faculty find out if I get AOD services?

No. Again, Except for a few specific  issues, Federal and state confidentiality laws prohibit release of  all information of or about any client seeking counseling services.


Is the AOD class that is mandated by OCCS an AA Meeting?

No. It is NOT a Recovery or Treatment program.The AOD Class is an ASAM level .5 educational program. that provides information on the Rowan AOD policy, signs & symptoms of a substance use disorder, responsible vs dangerous use of  AOD, implications of use on mental health, and campus and community resources.  


Does a student have to be mandated in order to get AOD services?

No. Any student concerned about his or her use or concerned about the impact a friend or family member’s use has on them are welcome to seek services.

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