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Rowan EMS is a constantly expanding organization who is always looking for dedicated individuals to become a part of its tight-knit community. We provide opportunities for new members to ride on emergency calls as observers (thirds) to see if this is something they would like to get involved in and if EMS is a good fit for them. If a new member decides they like EMS and would like to continue with it they may be sent to EMT school for a NJ State Certification free of charge! That is an $1800 class! We also provide continuing education for our members and opportunities for them to further a career in the medical field through different programs like our Rowan EMS - Cooper Mentoring program. This is a program that allows a select few members to be mentored by EM Physicians from Cooper University Hospital in getting into Medical School. We would love to receive your application.

Click here to download an application. Once filled out please print it out and turn it in at the Rowan EMS station behind Winans Hall. If no one is in the station please place it in the applications box to the left of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join?

Any present or incoming Rowan student can apply to be a member of Rowan EMS. Freshman are eligible and encouraged to be a part of our program. 

Am I required to have any prior training?

No, all training is provided once you are a member of the group. All members must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, attend EMT training within your first year and complete all required FEMA, CPR and blood borne pathogens training. You will also be required to have a yearly Flu vaccination if you will be treating patients or in a health care facility.

What if I’m already an EMT?

Currently, certified EMTs get preference when joining. Our membership is limited to 70 people and we often have to wait list applicants. This will not happen if you are already an EMT.

Can I get paid?

Rowan EMS is a volunteer agency. Normal Duty Crew hours are unpaid. Once you achieve the rank of Staff EMT you will be eligible for compensation when working certain special event assignments.

What are time requirements?

All members are required to provide a minimum of 24hrs per month of duty time. Members must attend a monthly meeting and all monthly trainings that are scheduled. Exceptions will be made with a valid excuse. Any time a member is compensated for an assignment does not count as volunteer time.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Free training! All of our training is provided at NO COST to our members. As a volunteer agency we are eligible for the State EMS Training Fund. Your tuition for EMT school would be covered by that fund.

EMT Trainees and Staff EMTs receive priority registration for classes. They also receive discounted parking permits.

If you are on a track to a medical career in either nursing or going on to medical school the EMS experience is a major plus in your application process. It is considered experience in the field of medicine and many of our members go on to become doctors, nurses and paramedics.

We offer an opportunity to learn outside the classroom as well as be part of a group outside the fraternity setting. You will meet great people from all fields of medicine and many different types of patients. You will also be a part of something that was started 40 years ago. Joining Rowan EMS means joining a long list of alumni that are excited about the growth of this program and are an important part of the Rowan EMS family.