Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors

Awarded Vendors for Recurring Purchases/Services Please contact the originating department or a procurement representative prior to contacting the Vendor.

Preferred Vendor List

Instructions for using the following approved Vendors are below:


Rowan University may utilize Amazon Business through its US Communities cooperative purchasing agreement. Amazon Business is a preferred and recommended marketplace for the items that are not strategically sourced either through an existing contract or public bid.

Some commodities that are currently under contract include Lenovo Equipment, Office Supplies, Cisco Systems Products, Aruba Networks Products, and Scientific Equipment & Supplies. These items will be labeled “restricted” within the Amazon Business marketplace. Some items that are restricted may still be approved pending further review. Please contact Stacie Mori with questions.

Additionally, all electric devices must be UL listed to be approved for use on all campuses. This can take a few days to determine, depending upon the selling agent.

If you already registered for an Amazon Business account using your email address, you will need to deregister that account before you can join the approved Rowan B2B account.

Deactivating will simply convert your account back into a consumer account. All of the information currently on the account will move over to the shared account once you accept your e-mail invitation to join the Rowan B2B account (if applicable).

To request an invitation to Rowan’s Amazon Business account, please email Stacie Mori.

Further information can be found through the below links:

Amazon Buying Guide
Amazon Business FAQ
Amazon Business Analytics Guide
Registration Guide
Existing Amazon Account Conversion Guide

NOTE: After you are setup as an Amazon user, you can place orders without a requisition unless you are using Grant funding for an item over $5,000. A valid FOAPAL is required.

Office Supplies

The OC&P has awarded Office Depot (previously OfficeMax) for general office supplies for all campuses.

Awarded Vendor Banner ID Customer Service Account Manager
Office Depot 910001389 (888) 263-3423 Kate Griggel


See below for helpful account login instructions and ordering guidelines:

  • Account Login Instructions (for end users who utilized OfficeMax. If you are new to ordering office supplies, please contact Kate Griggell)
  • Office Depot Online Ordering

Point of Contact at Rowan University: Francine Dorch, ext. 64172

NOTE: After you are setup as an Office Depot user, you can place orders without a requisition; however, a valid FOAPAL is required.

Ink & Toner

The OC&P has awarded nine (9) vendors Ink & Toner related purchases for all campuses. It is recommended that individual departments reach out to each vendor to determine which one offers the best price for their specific needs.

Awarded Vendors Banner ID Phone #
CVR Computer Supplies 915009413 (856) 857-0355
Ink & Toner Store 916159799 (610) 431-7800
KT's Office Services 916169869 (732) 914-0002
MRA International 916006352 (732) 962-2008
Office Basics 916094013 (800) 541-5855
Office Depot 910001389 (888) 263-3423
Printing Supplies USA 916329552 (609) 799-3800
Printer Tech 916329558 (609) 926-1256
W.B. Mason 915689870 (609) 870-3698


Janitorial Supplies

The OC&P has awarded the janitorial supply contract to SupplyWorks.

Awarded Vendor Banner ID Point of Contact Phone #
Home Depot 915029986 George Wozunk  (866) 412-6726


Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)

The OC&P has partnered with SupplyWorks through US Communities to provide maintenance, repair and operations supplies for all campuses.

SupplyWorks is a Home Depot company. For walk-in supplies you may visit your local Home Depot, but please provide your ProPurchase Card at time of check-out. See below for instructions on how to obtain a card.

Awarded Vendor Banner ID Point of Contact Phone #
Home Depot 915029986 George Wozunk  (866) 412-6726

 See below for helpful account login instructions and ordering guidelines:

Point of Contact at Rowan University: Alicia Gannon, ext. 65175


  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes

To better serve customers and streamline the ordering process, an online system is available for all users in Glassboro and Camden (Stratford orders should continue through the Office of Marketing at SOM until further notice).

Once you submit your order for approval it will be sent to the Publications Office to ensure University standards have been followed. If changes need to be made to the proof (as per your request in the notes area or Publications revisions), a revised proof will be emailed to you for your review before it goes to the printer. Once your order is approved by Publications it will be sent to Pirolli Printing to be printed.

Glassboro and CMSRU orders will be delivered to their Central Receiving areas. Camden campus orders will be delivered directly to the offices.

The new system is available at the University Publications web page: University Publications: Stationery Ordering Process

Questions or comments, please contact University Publications: ext. 64195

Scientific Equipment & Supplies

The OC&P has awarded the following vendors for scientific equipment and supply related purchases for all campuses.

Awarded Vendor Banner ID Customer Service Account Manager
Thomas Scientific 916093065 (800) 345-2100 Lauren Sammaritano
 VWR 910001085 (800) 932-5000 Sal Tecce
WorldWide Medical 916011251 (866) 889-9967 Caitlin Capestro

Point of Contact at Rowan University: Alicia Gannon, ext. 65175


See Accounts Payable Travel Forms

Point of Contact at Rowan University: Miranda Salvatore, ext. 64043


The OC&P has awarded the following vendors for transportation related services for all campuses. You can obtain transportation quotes by following the links below:

Project Vendor Banner ID Phone #
Shuttles Services  SJ Transportation Authority 916099782 (856) 227-7571
Coach Bus & Driver Services Academy Bus Express 910001857 (609) 265-2400
School Bus & Driver Services McGough Bus Company 910001458 (856) 863-2000
Vehicle Rental Services Enterprise/National 910001675 

(856) 589-1015

(800) RENT-A-CAR 


Guidelines for using Enterprise/National's Portal (EHI Direct):
How to invite employees to EHIDirect NEW  How to make a reservation without using a profile NEW
How to complete a profile NEW  How to become a delegate NEW
How to make a reservation with a profile NEW  Commercial Credit Application - Existing Billing Customer

If you are not already a member of the Emerald Club, click here to join. Reference Account #XZ17J66 for business use rentals with insurance included and Account #XZ17711 for personal use rentals.   


Water & Cooler Rentals

The OC&P has partnered with DS Water Services for five gallon water jug and cooler rentals for all campuses.

Awarded Vendor Banner ID Point of Contact Phone #
DS Water Services 910001701 Mark Brewer (609) 847-0928

 *DS is recommended not required.

Description                                FY19
Monthly Water Cooler Rental (hot & cold) $1.99
Monthly Water Cooler Rental (cold only) $1.99
5 Gallon Water Bottle Purified (price per bottle) $4.00
5 Gallon Water Bottle Spring (price per bottle) $4.50





If you have positive or negative feedback you would like to leave regarding vendor performance, please submit here.