Awarded Bids

Awarded Bids

Awarded Projects

The following table contains information regarding awarded projects for FY18-FY23. Previous Fiscal Years: Awarded Bids FY13-17

22-01 Decompacting Turf FY20+2(1) yr Sportcare
22-02 Phone Carrier Services FY22-23 +3(1) yr renewals Comcast Business
22-03 AV Equipment and Install FY22+4(1) yr renewals Video Visions Inc
22-04 Rt 322 Realm Enhancements One Time Command Co.
22-05 Medical Transcriptions for CARES FY22+2(1) yr Documed
22-06 Space Assesment for Glassboro One Time Anser Advisory
22-07 Cable Television  FY 22+2(1) yr Apogee
22-09  Campus Window Washing  FY22+2(1) yr LWC
22-11 Accounting Services for CARES FY22+2(1) yr Bowman & Company
22-12 Alterations for Bunce Hall College of Performing Arts One Time  Coastal Land
22-14 Boiler and Piping Repair FY23+2(1) yr

Edward Kurth

Bradley Sciocchetti

22-15 Bunce Hall underground steam and condensate One Time WJ Gross
22-17 Transportation Driver Services Coach Bus FY 22-23+2(1) yr Academy Express
22-19 Greenhouse Project One Time Command Co.
22-24 Chemical Treatment Injection System One Time Gaudelli Brothers
22-25 HVAC Insulations Services  FY22-23+2(1) yr Gaudelli Brothers
22-26 Automatic ADA door maintenance and service FY22+2(1) yr Eastern Door
22-31 Meditation Walk Extension One Time Command Co Inc
22-32 SJTP AHU Repair One Time Gaudelli Bros.
22-33 Residential Cleaning and Floor Work FY22-23+2(1) yr Ties Cleaning and AAA Res Cleaning
 22-34 Bunce Hall Alterations Phase 2  One Time Merrell & Garaguso
22-36 Rowan BLVD Flooring Replacement One Time Metropolitan Contract Flooring
22-38 Student Center Commissioning One Time Greyhawk
22-39 Furniture for Bunce Hall Phase 2 One Time EFS
22-41 Glassboro Intermediate School Renovations One Time DI Group
22-42 Vet School Design Services One Time Erdy McHenry
22-43 Snow Removal FY 23+2(1) yr Holden Facility
22-45 Weishaupt Burner Conversion One Time Sciochetti
22-48 Auditing and Security FY22+2(1) yr Multiple
22-50 Memorial Hall Piping One Time Gaudelli Brothers
22-51 Owl Statue Piping  One TIme  Gaudelli Brothers
22-52 Fleet Management FY22+2(1) yr Holman
22-55 Low Voltage Structured Cabling Service FY22+4(1) yr Kane, Bluestone
22-56 Ink and Toner FY23+4(1) yr ADS-S, KT, MRA
22-59 Professional Design Service for South Campus Improvements One Time  SALT Design
22-60 VOB/DVOB On Call Contractor FY23+2(1) yr Devil Dog, Lima Charlie Lima
22-61 Banking FY23-26+2(1) yr TD Bank
23-01 Bandwidth Shaping and Policing FY23+4(1) yr Optiv Security
23-03 Site Improvements for Parking Lot H-1 One Time Richard Pierson
23-04 Audio and Visual for Commencement FY23+2(1) yr Synergetic
23-05 On Call General Contractors for Operations FY23+2(1) yr Multiple
23-06 Environmental Remediation FY23+2(1) yr Prestige, SHadem Plymouth, TES
23-07 On Call Contractor Services for Operations FY23+2(1) yr Multiple
23-08 Staff Augmentation for NJ Eligibility FY23+2(1) yr Comagine
23-11 Rowan SOM Parking Lot Renewal One Time Winzinger
23-12 Design Services for Bunce One Time Dimitri Veverelli
23-13 Evergreen Shower Pans One Time WJ Gross
23-14 Shower Pans & Fixtures One Time WJ Gross
23-15 Mobile Spay Neuter Clinic One Time VCI
23-16 Rowan Healthcare Data Archiving FY23-24+2(1) yr Harmony Healthcare
23-19 On-Call Architectural Services FY23+2 (1) yr Multiple
23-24 Central Accumulation Area  One Time H2M Architects
23-29 Campus Wide Accessibility Program FY23+2 (1) yr H2M Architects
23-30 Photogrammetric & Digital Aerial Mapping One Time Robinson Aerial
23-38 On-Call Furniture & Maintenance FY24+2(1) yr Multiple