Recently Awarded Bids

Recently Awarded Bids

Awarded Projects

The following table contains information regarding awarded projects for Fiscal Year 18. Previous Fiscal Years: Awarded Bids FY13-17

Project Awarded Vendor
18-01 Relocation Services: Bozorth & Hawthorn Halls to the A3 Building Neslon Westerberg
18-02 Design Services: Adaptive Reuse of Space KSS Architects
18-03 Feasibility & Design Services for a New Academic Building KSS Architects
18-04 De-compacting & Disinfecting of Athletic Turf Fields Sportcare SFW
18-06 Furniture for Hawthorne Hall   (canceled)
18-07 Ellis Street Parking Lot Improvements Project  Command Co.
18-11 Diplomas & Covers  Herff Jones
18-13 REBID Campus Window Cleaning  LWC
18-14 Furniture for James Hall  W.B. Mason
18-16 Seating, Staging & Tent Services for Commencement Masso's Event Rentals
18-18 Bottled Water nad Water Cooler Rental Services Nestle Waters 
18-19 Advisory Services for the Development of Certain Facilities Brailsford & Dunlavey
18-20 Design Services: Earth and Environment Labs & Learning Commons Renovations  USA Architects
18-23 Furniture for Campbell Library Special Collections Tri-R
18-28 Student Center Information Desk Renovations Kavi Construction
18-29 Medical Coding Services HAP
18-31 Nutrition Laboratory Renovations J.H. Williams
18-32 Police Utility Vehicles Hertrich Fleet Services
18-38 Furniture for Science Hall Tri-R
18-39 Furniture for Campbell Library Classroom Tri-R
18-40 Construction Manager: Reuse and Partial Rehabilitation of Academic & Administrative Spaces NEW ROAD Construction Management
18-42 Furniture for UEC 2nd Floor Rowan SOM Corporate Source
18-43 Life and Safety Fire Alarm & Lighting Project Wescott Electric
18-46 Design Services: James Hall Facade & Leak Repairs Joseph B. Callaghan
18-47 Recreation Center Renovations Straga Brothers
18-48 Furniture for Campbell Library 4th Floor Study Carrel Corporate Source
18-49 Residence Life Mattresses August Mattress
18-50 Athletic Equipment & Apparel

BSN Sports - Colorado Time Systems - Gilman Gear - Kelly's Sports - MFAC - Riddell - Star Sports

18-52 Campus Painting

Dowco Painting

18-53 Architectural Services: Classroom Capacity and Conditional Analysis

Spiezle Architectural Group

18-54 Campus Moving

Anchor (1)

Nelson Westerberg(2)

18-55 Design Services: Westby Hall Facade Improvements

Clarke Caton Hintz

18-56 Design Services: Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park

Ennead Architects

18-57 Relocation Manager: Adaptive Reuse and Partial Rehabilitation of Academic & Administrative Spaces

Richard L. Hoffman & Associates

18-58 Campus Ladscaping Rowan SOM

Exley's Landscape

18-59 Yearbook Printing Services

Taylor Publishing DBA Balfour

18-60 Furniture for Student Center Corridor

WB Mason

18-61 HVAC Renovations: Westby Hall, Second Floor

Beamer Enterprises

18-62 Construction Manager for the Adaptive Reuse and Partial Rehabilitation of Robinson Green, etc.

Gilbane Bulding Company

18-63 Paving & Repairs at North Campus Drive

South State Inc.

18-65 Linden Hall Demolition

Two Brothers Contracting

18-66 Facade & Leak Repairs at James Hall

A1 Construction

18-67 Furntiure for Rowan SOM Atrium


18-68 Westby Hall Earth & Environment Laboratory Renovations

Eagle Construction

18-69 Safety Netting Improvements

Bid Cancelled

18-70 Soccer Field Press Box Construction

W.J. Gross

18-71 Athletic Training Medical Supplies

Henry Schein 


18-72 Furniture for Learning Commons CMSRU


18-73 Westby Hall Facade & Courtyard Restorations

Merrell & Garaguso

18-74 Student Center Kitchen Exhaust Repairs

Gaudelli Bros.

18-75 Furniture for Labs in Westby Hall


18-76 Student Center Stormwater System Repairs

W.J. Gross

18-77 Cooper Medical School Learning Commons Renovations

Kavi Construction

18-79 Backup Hardware: Tape Libraries & Tape Drives

Chi Corporation

18-80 Furntiure for Hawthorne Student Spaces


18-81 Chestnut Creek Riparian Enhancements


18-82 Hardware Token Authenticators Rebid

"No Submissions"

18-83 Student Medical Kits for SOM

MDF Instruments

18-84 Student Center Second Floor Restroom Refurbishments

Manel Enterprises

18-85 Furniture for Rowan SOM Center fir Successful Aging

Corporate Source

18-86 Hawthorn Renovations: Office of Social Justice

W.J. Gross

18-87 Armored Car Services


18-88 Telecommunications Expense Management System

MTS Integratrak

18-89 CREATEs Laboratory Renovations

Merrell & Garaguso



19-01 Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Related Equipment Leading Edge Design Group
19-02 Recreation Center HVAC Replacement Falasca Mechanical
19-03 Medical Student Question Banks TrueLearn & COMQUEST Osteopathic Specialists
19-04 Medical Transcription CARES Institute Documed
19-05 Esbjornson Gymnasium Men's Team Locker Replacement Nickerson Corporation
19-07 EPA Parking Lot Pavement Resurfacing American Asphalt Company
19-10 Esbjornson Gymnasium Men's Locker Room Upgrades Coastal Land Contractors
19-12 Skylight Replacement: University Educational Center W.J. Gross, Inc.
19-14 Enterprise Application, Networking & Desktop Virtualization DCi Technology Solutions
19-15 NJ Integrated Eligibility System Independent Verification & Validation Qualis
19-16 Fire Protection System Upgrades AMC Fire Protection
19-17 Site Infrastructure Elk T/A Crown Pipeline
19-18 Memorial Hall South Data Center Upgrade Falasca Mechanical
19-19 Police Utility Vehicles "Bid Cancelled"
19-20 Furniture for Campbell Library Periodicals Educational Furniture Solutions
19-21 Oak & Laurel Halls Swing Space Renovations W.J. Gross, Inc.
19-23 Campbell Library North Data Center Upgrade Merrell & Garaguso
19-24 Furniture for Bole Hall Office Basics
19-25 Moving Services: Bole, Bunce, Laurel, Oak & Savitz Halls Nelson Westerberg
19-26 Print Center Materials Lindenmeyr Munroe; Paprt Mart, Inc.
19-27 James Hall Swing Space Renovations W.J. Gross, Inc.
19-28 Design Services: Student Center Ballroom R2 Architects
19-29 Pre-Employment Screenings Truescreen
19-30 Annual Fire Suppression Inspection Wayman Fire
19-32 Travel agent and Travel Expense Management

Agent--Direct Travel

Expense mgmt--SAP Concur

IFB 19-34 Campbell Library Lighting Upgrades Rebid Joseph R. Delgado, Inc.
19-35 Building Equipment Moving Services at CMSRU Nelson Westerberg
19-37 Building Equipment Installation at CMSRU W.J. Gross
19-40 Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Fyr Fyter
19-42 Furniture for James Hall Common Space Corporate Source
19-43 Electrical and Mechanical Upgrades: Evergreen & Mullica Halls Biagi, Chance, Cummins, London, Titzer, Inc. (BCCLT)
19-44 Physical & Virtual Network Traffic Visibility Solution Optiv Security, Inc.
19-45 General and Refrigerated Kitchen Equipment Repair, Air Vent and Duct Cleaning EMR, AVDC
19-46 Furntiure for Enterprise Building Corporate Source
19-47 Transportation and Driver Services, School Buses McGough Bus Company
19-48 AV Equipment Replenishment



19-49 Feasibility Study: Wilson Hall Dance Program Expansion

FIFTEEN Architecture + Design

19-50 Student Housing Development Services

University Student Living, LLC

19-51 Furniture For Welcome Center


19-53 Student Center Ballroom Refurbishment

J.H. Williams Enterprises, Inc.

19-54 Skylight & Roof Replacement: SOM Academic Center Atrium

USA Architects

19-55 Residential Summer Cleaning

AAA Facility Management

19-56 Data & Device Security Software

SHI International Corp.

19-57 Annual Giving Printing Service

Star Printing

19-59 Renovations to Rowan Hall: Phase III

Merrell & Garaguso, Inc.

19-60 Telephone Data Collection

Maximum Reasearch

19-62 Chairs for Student Center Ballroom


19-64 Transportation Coach Buses

Academy Express

19-66 Sidewalk Repairs at RowanSOM

Rahn Contracting, LLC

19-67 Street Sweeper

H.A. DeHart & SOn, Inc.

19-69 Engineering Services: Replacement of the Air Handler Unit at the Student Center

LAN Associates, Inc.

19-70 Combination Appliance

Campus Specialties

19-71 On-Call Architectural Services

Atkin Olshin Schade / Clarke Caton Hintz / Earl Jackson Architecture / Erdy McHenry Architecture / FIFTEEN Architecture / Ford 3 Architecture / J.W. Pedersen Architect / Kimmel Bogrette Architecture / StudioJAED

19-72 Roof Repairs: Winans Hall

Patriot Roofing

19-75 On-Call Contractor Services

(General Contractors and Environmental Remediation Contractors)

General Contractors

GE Mechanical

J.H. Williams Enterprises

Merrell & Garaguso

RIS Construction Group

W.J. Gross

Wade Ray & Associates

Environmental Remediation

Lilich Corp.

Plymouth Environmental

Shade Environmental

19-76 Instructor & Classroom Evaluation Software

Campus Labs, Inc.

19-77 Student Medical Kits for RowanSOM

Cornell Surgical, Co.

19-78 Bathroom Renovations: Mullica Hall

LGT Construction Services

19-79 Vehicles: Cargo Vans

Plantation Sales dba Weston Nissan Volvo

19-80 Geotechnical Investigations and Report for the Edelman Fossil Park

French & Parrello Associates

19-82 On-Call Landscape Architectural Services

Ground Reconsidered / Jonathan Alderson Landscape / Robinson Anderson Summers / Salt Design Studio / SEEDesign / Sikora Wells Appel / ThinkGreen

19-86 Design Services: College of Humanities & Social Sciences New Academic Bulding

Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site



20-01 Science Hall IT Closet HVAC Upgrades LGB Mechanical, Inc.
20-03 Student Hotel Accommodations

Best Western, Williamstown

Marriott, Glassboro

20-07 Air Filters


20-09 Pet Therapy Center

Kavi Construction

20-10 Water Treatment


20-11 Concert Shell Replacement: Wilson Hall

'Not Awarded - No Viable Submissions'

20-13 Roof, Facade & Atrium Repairs: Rowan Medical Building Rebid

Detwiler Roofing

20-14 Snow Removal

Holden Facilities

20-15 Information  Hardware, Software & Support Services



Optiv Security

CDW Government

20-16 Campus Gateway & Recreation Center Stormwater Management

Viridian Landscape Studio

20-17 Armored Car Service

Eastern Armored

20-18 Design Services: HVAC Renovations for the Recreation Center

LAN Associates

20-19 Construction of Full-Scale Pavement Test Strips in Cold Temperature at CREATEs

South State, Inc.

20-20 Recreation Center Pool Lighting Replacement

JJD Electric, LLC

20-22 Holzberg Suite Renovations

Kavi Construction LLC

20-23 AV Services for Commencement

Advanced Staging

20-27 Design Services: Edgewood Park Apartments Exterior Improvements

Clarke Caton Hintz

20-28 On-Call Professional Services

Please view the Award Letter

20-30 70 Sewell Street Renovations & Cassady Demolition

J.H. Williams Enterprises, Inc.

20-31 Campus Card Solution


20-33 Clinical Education Assessment Center Renovations

Kavi Construction, LLC

20-34 Furniture for Residential Learning

Corporate Source

20-35 Installation of New Foul Pole & Netting at the Softball Field Rebid

Project Cancelled

20-40 Department of Medicine Suite 3100 Renovations

Kavi Construction

20-44 Log Aggregation Platform

Optiv Security, Inc.

20-45 Clinical Skills Furniture Project


20-46 Hammonton MOB Furniture Corporate Source
20-49 Investment Management Consultant Services UBS Financial Services 
20-50 Student Center G2/MDF Room Conditioning LGT Construction Services
20-52 laboratory Renovations: Science Hall Room 121 merrell & Garaguso, Inc.
20-55 Clinical and Medical Equipment for Hammonton location Henry Schien, Thomas, School Health, Johnson
20-56 Gasoline  Riggins Inc.
20-57 Heating Fuel Riggins Inc.
20-59 Pedestrian Realm Enhancements Planting Improvements Rahn Landscaping
20-60 Anti-Malware Protection & Support Services Optiv Security, Inc.
20-63 Student Medical Kits for RowanSOM Cornell Surgical
20-65 Pest Control Services Tri-County Pest Control
20-66 Campus Gateway &REC Center Stormwater Management: Phase 1 Brightline Construction
20-67 Furniture for Discovery Hall EFS 
20-68 Renovations to Rowan Hall Laboratory Room 145 Merrell & garaguso, Inc.
21-03 Next Generation Firewall Products and Services Optiv Security
21-04 Consultant Services: Solar Energy Project Gabel Associates
21-11 Tents for Student Activities The Masso Group
21-13 Rowan Hall Spray Booth Phase II Levy Construction