Campus Employees: Bid Information

Campus Employees: Bid Information

Bid Information

Public Bid Requests

The OC&P is here to help whenever you anticipate a purchase of goods or services may exceed the current New Jersey public bid threshold currently set at $100,000. There are certain purchases that will be exempt from public bidding. OC&P can determine whether or not your purchase is subject to bid or can be covered under an exception to public bidding. 

In the spirit of open and fair competition, OC&P takes the position that if it can be bid out, it should be bid out. If the potential purchase price to obtain goods or services is >$100,000 unless the project is subject to Prevailing Wage, and there is no exception available, a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation for Bid (IFB) is required. If there is an existing NJ State Contract or a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement approved for University use, they can be used in lieu of developing a Rowan issued bid. NJ State Contracts and Cooperative Purchasing Agreements have been publicly bid thus following the NJ regulations surrounding public solicitations.

OC&P will help you understand what procurement streams are available to you and how to get your purchase processed following the State regulations and University policy.


For a better understanding of the bid process, click on the workflow link.


Once a procurement determination has been made, the end user will complete the Bid Intake Form and forward to

After receipt of the Bid Intake Form, OC&P will send a draft of the RFP/IFB to the end user. It is the end user or project manager's responsibility to complete the Scope of Services.

Upon completion of the scope, OC&P will develop and run the bid from open through close.