Confirming Orders

Confirming Orders

Confirming Orders

What is a Confirming Order? A confirming order is defined as a purchase with a vendor (i.e. the goods and/or service was received, became legally binding) prior to the conversion of a requisition to a purchase order and the requisite compliance checks that must accompany each such conversion. Such transactions are not legal in the State of New Jersey by public agencies like Rowan University. 

Why are Confirming Orders prohibited? There are several potential problems associated with confirming orders; such as violations of legal requirements, lost items, missed discounts, receipt of duplicate shipments, redundant payments, unidentified invoices, etc.

How does the Office of Contracting & Procurement identify Confirming Orders? We run a monthly report that sorts out Confirming Orders by comparing invoice dates to requisition dates. If an invoice is received before a requisition is placed in Banner, that transaction is flagged as a Confirming Order.

What happens if your transaction appears on the report? We will send a link to the training course. You will have 15 days to complete.

You can review the Confirming Order Training Course here


Please further note that a subsequent offense will subject the requisitioner to further punitive actions including suspicion and possible termination of requisitioning privileges for continued violation. The State audit committee repeatedly monitors public agencies for such actions and it is therefore important that each member of the Rowan community strive to do what they can to alleviate any such negative findings.

  • If you receive a notification and feel that you are not the responsible party to this transaction or you feel that your actions do not constitute a confirming order, please attach to this email an explanation therein and documentation supporting your position for evaluation. Please have such information returned to the Office of Contracting and Procurement within five (5) business days
  • If you believe you are received the message in error, please provide either support that shows this is not actually a confirming order or why you are not the culpable party, but who we should contact for training.

You can familiarize yourself with the course at any time. 

Please reach out to Erann Dutton with any questions or concerns.