Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

The State of New Jersey has approved the use of nationally recognized, governmental sponsored cooperatives. Cooperative Purchasing is a collaborative effort to obtain benefits in pricing, product quality and contract process efficiencies for public purchasing entities throughout the State of New Jersey.

Intent to Award

Date Vendor Description Cooperative  Contract # Expiration
7/03/18  SupplyWorks Janitorial Supplies US Communities 17-21  10/31/20 (2 possible renewals)
7/03/18  SupplyWorks  MRO US Communities 16154-RFP  12/31/21 (5 possible renewals)
7/03/18  Home Depot   MRO  US Communities   16154-RFP   12/31/21 (5 possible renewals) 
 7/03/18  Amazon Business Miscellaneous Supplies  US Communities  R-TC-17006 1/19/17 - 1/18/22 (3 possible [2] year renewals)
 7/03/18  Lowes  Walk-in Building Supplies  NASPO   AS16040  

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding the award of a vendor, please contact within ten (10) days of the date listed above.

 Awarded Cooperative Contracts

Vendor Banner ID# Type of Purchase Sales Rep if Applicable


How to Use a Cooperative Contract

The University is permitted to utilize Cooperative Contracts from State approved cooperatives only. The following is a list of approved cooperatives. These have been vetted for compliance with State regulations and University policies. If you believe a cooperative purchasing agreement would be beneficial to you department, please contact