Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

The State of New Jersey has approved the use of nationally recognized, governmental sponsored cooperatives. Cooperative Purchasing is a collaborative effort to obtain benefits in pricing, product quality and contract process efficiencies for public purchasing entities throughout the State of New Jersey.

Intent to Award

Date Vendor Cooperative  Contract # Expiration

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the award of a vendor, please contact within ten (10) days of the date listed above.

Awarded Cooperative Contracts

Vendor Description Cooperative  Contract # Expiration
 SupplyWorks Janitorial Supplies US Communities 17-21  10/31/20 (2 possible renewals)
 SupplyWorks  MRO US Communities 16154-RFP  12/31/21 (5 possible renewals)
 Home Depot   MRO  US Communities   16154-RFP   12/31/21 (5 possible renewals) 
Amazon Business Miscellaneous Supplies  US Communities  R-TC-17006 1/18/22 (3 possible [2] year renewals)
Lowes  Walk-in Building Supplies  NASPO   AS16040  7/31/22
Office Depot Office & Educational Supplies Omnia JP156810 12/31/23

How to Use a Cooperative Contract

The University is permitted to utilize Cooperative Contracts from State approved cooperatives only. The following is a list of approved cooperatives. These have been vetted for compliance with State regulations and University policies. If you believe a cooperative purchasing agreement would be beneficial to you department, please contact