Frequently Asked Questions


  • Advising Questions
    • Who is my advisor?
      • All current Rowan University students are assigned an academic advisor based on their major. To determine your current academic advisor, please review the advising directory. If you are currently undecided on your major and are in the Exploratory Studies program, or are interested in exploring other majors at Rowan, you can meet with an academic advisor in the University Advising Center (UAC) in Savitz Hall. Contact information for the UAC is available on the advising directory page.
    • What is RSN?
      • RSN is a system used to help students connect with various resources available on campus and allow faculty and staff to give students feedback about their progress at the university.  To access the Rowan Success Network powered by Starfish (RSN), please visit the RSN website.  On the RSN website, you can review frequently asked questions by clicking the “RSN FAQs for Students”
    • Why am I taking this class? When can I start taking major requirements?
      • All undergraduate programs at Rowan University require General Education courses. At Rowan University, the general education curriculum emphasizes a well-rounded education through grounding in communication skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills, while providing students exposure to university level science, mathematics, social and behavioral science, and the humanities. Typically students will take mostly general education courses their first and second years at Rowan and mostly major specific courses their third and fourth years at Rowan, though this will vary by department and program.  Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their assigned academic advisor at least once a semester to ensure they are taking appropriate courses for their program.
    • What if I have transfer credits or want to take courses outside of Rowan University?
      • Taking courses during the summer and winter terms - whether at Rowan or another institution - is a great way to get ahead or catch up on credits! It’s important that you work with your academic advisor in advance to be sure that you choose an appropriate course.   https://www.njtransfer.org/  has a database of course equivalencies from New Jersey community colleges for your reference. Please see the Registrar's website for additional information.  You cannot retake a course at another university and have it replace the grade earned at Rowan University. Please refer to Rowan University's “repeat policy” for more information. You must earn the minimum grade requirement in order to transfer credit; however, your transfer GPA will not affect your Rowan GPA.
    • How do I choose a major?
      • Many students entering Rowan as first year students are not yet ready to choose a major. Rest assured that you are in good company and we are here to support you. Start by looking up information on the major/career that you are interested in - search the department website and then contact the advisor or program coordinator of that major. If you need help searching majors/careers, see a general advisor in the UAC and/or visit the Office of Career Advancement to speak to a career counselor. Please check out more information about exploring majors here. 
    • How do I change my major?
      • Students considering a change of major should contact the University Advising Center, 856-256-4459, uac@rowan.edu. Students must send an email to uac@rowan.edu from their Rowan email account clearly stating the requested major/minor/concentration. To ensure accurate processing, it is imperative that students include all current majors, minors and concentrations that they want to KEEP or retain on their record as well as the new ones they want to add. Students also must include their name, Banner ID, and the best phone number to be reached. UAC will submit the completed change request to the Registrar’s Office, copied to the student. The change will typically be processed by the Registrar’s Office in 3-5 business days and a confirmation email will be sent to the student. It is always best for students to discuss any change of major or addition of a major, minor or CUGS with an Academic Advisor, either their assigned academic advisor or an advisor in the University Advising Center, to be sure they understand the new program and its requirements. Note: Some majors/programs, like in the College of Engineering or in the College of Business, are restricted and additional planning would need to be discussed before officially changing majors into these colleges.
    • What are the minimum grade requirements for my major?
      • The minimum grade requirement depends largely on your major. Some programs have very specific requirements when it comes to both major courses and gen-ed requirements. Please check with your academic advisor for specifics. Remember, if you’re ever struggling in a course, reach out for help early. Use Tutoring Services, Academic Coaches, the professor’s office hours, and if need be, know the withdrawal deadlines.
    • How many credits do I need to be considered a full-time student?
      • You must be enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester to be a considered a full-time student; however, full-time tuition covers anywhere between 12-17 credits. We recommend that you complete 15 degree applicable credits per semester in order to make timely progress towards graduation. Please note that students may register for  18 credits but must be prepared for the cost of the 18th credit. Any attempt to take 19 or more credits will require permission from the Dean’s office in which the student’s major is housed and additional per credit charges.
    • I am an Education major. What is a Benchmark?
      • If you are declared in one of the Education majors at Rowan, you are enrolled in a teacher-prep program that will prepare you to graduate from the University with a Bachelor's of Arts with a NJ Certification of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) in a specified teaching area: P-3, P-6, or K-12. In order to move through the program and graduate, students must meet Benchmark(s). A Benchmark is a point in which students are evaluated by the standards set by the College of Education and by the NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) before allowing enrollment and completion of the chosen teacher-prep program and certification. Depending on the program, there could be between two to four Benchmarks before officially graduating and applying for teacher certification.
    • And, what is required for a NJ Teacher Certification?
      • The most critical requirements for Education majors are passing all parts of the Praxis Core exam, passing the Praxis II exam(s) particular to the certification and subject areas, establishing and maintaining a minimum 3.0 cumulative Rowan GPA, and providing a clear Criminal Background check. Note: Make an appointment with your advisor in the College of Education Advising Center to get the best understanding of Benchmarks and a NJ Teacher Certification.


  • Registration Questions
    • What is registration?
      • Registration is how students sign up for their classes each semester. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for registration dates, instructions on registering, searching for classes, and more.  All registration-related forms are also available here.
    • When does registration start?
      • Registration of classes at Rowan University begins around the midpoint of the prior semester. It’s very important that you see your academic advisor and register as soon as you are permitted to ensure that you are able to get all of the classes that you need. Check out the “Registration- related Dates and Deadlines” for the term, which includes drop/add and withdrawal deadlines.
    • How do I look up course options?
      • The most up-to-date course availability and information is listed in Section Tally.  The Office of the Registrar also provides instructions under Registration Tips and Tools.
    •  Where can I find more information about a specific course?
      • To see more information about a course, click on the CRN (blue number) associated with the course in Section Tally. You can review any pre-requisites by clicking on the course title. You can see course attributes (such as gen eds) on this screen as well. To view the course description, click "View Catalog Entry" (located in the center of the page.) 
    • What courses do I need to take? What are my program requirements?
      • It is always recommended that the student meets with their assigned Academic Advisor each semester to plan for upcoming semester registration and for program progression. All program requirements can be viewed under “Program Guide Information” on the Office of the Registrar’s website, as well as the website of each specific School or Program.  Another resource for program requirements is DegreeWorks (you can find instructions on how to access DegreeWorks here). Please note that DegreeWorks NOT an official evaluation and does not remove the need to consult your advisor. Again, it is always recommended that you meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your program and requirements for proper program progression through the major.
    • How do I register for classes?
      • Registration is completed online through Self Service Banner. You can search for classes prior to registration by visiting Section Tally. Please view the Registrar’s Quick Reference Guide for instructions on Student Registration. You can also check out the Registrar’s video tutorials here.
    • How do I take an online course? Why am I seeing an online course error?
      • The Rowan Online Immersion course (ONL 00100) is a required concurrent prerequisite for all online courses offered at Rowan University. This course is a one-time, zero-credit, zero-cost online learning tutorial which will teach you how to use the Canvas learning management system. Once you are registered, the course will appear in Canvas alongside your other online course registrations.  The course can be completed at your own pace and will take you approximately one hour to complete.  You must successfully complete a final quiz in order to receive a grade of passing on your transcript for ONL 00100.  If you receive a prerequisite error when trying to register for an online course that you believe you meet the requirements for, it is most likely because you have not completed Rowan Online Immersion.   For more information, please visit the Rowan Online Immersion FAQ page.
    • Why am I receiving a registration error message?
      • Please note that registration is open from 7am to 11pm. If you believe that you should not have received an error code, please contact your academic advisor
      • Major restriction – must be enrolled in specific major in order to register
      • College restriction – must be enrolled in specific college in order to register
      • Reserved seat – reserved for specific population; for Rowan Seminar please contact Dr. Sean Hendricks. For more information on Rowan seminar, check out the Rowan Seminar webpage.
      • Pre-requisite/co-requisite – you have not completed the required pre-requisite course; please view pre-requisite course list in course description in Banner
      • Class restriction – based on earned credit total, you are not eligible to take this course
      • Max capacity – all seats in this classroom have been filled; please select another section of the course or see your advisor for further clarification
      • Ineligible to register - Confirm that you are registering on the appropriate date by checking the Registrar's website. Please note that registration is open from 7am to 11pm every day including Saturday and Sunday
    • What do I do if I have a registration hold?
      • Log into Self-Service/Banner to check for holds on your account. We recommend checking your account a week before registration to give yourself plenty of time to resolve any issues. If you have a hold, please contact the appropriate office listed below. If you have a hold that is not listed below, please contact your academic advisor for more information.


What to Do


Speak to Bursar, first floor Savitz Hall


Speak to Office of Community Standards, Chamberlain Student Center, Suite 210, 856-256-4242, communitystandards@rowan.edu


Speak to Ascend Office, Third Floor, Savitz Hall


Speak to Wellness Center at Winans Hall


Speak to Healthy Campus Initiatives at Winans Hall

Academic Advising             

Speak to your respective Academic Advisor(s)


Speak to OSLP, Second Floor Savitz Hall


  • Registration Questions (continued) 
    • What if the course I need to take is closed?
      • First, look at the error message you are receiving. Sometimes the course might not be closed but maybe it is restricted for different reasons such as a prerequisite requirement. We recommend that you search for courses using Section Tally because you might find your answer using this webtool rather than Self-Service Banner. If the course is truly closed, meaning the seats have all been taken up and there is no Banner Waitlist Option, we suggest that you start by consulting the department in which the course is taught. Each department handles the closed course override differently. The student (you) will know you have been granted an override if you receive an automated email instructing you to add the course using your Self Service Banner. Note: Once given an override like this, act fast! They can expire. It is possible that a student’s plans for graduation could be compromised if specific courses are not taken when planned with their advisor - see your advisor immediately should you find yourself in this predicament.
    • How do I withdraw from a course?
      • It’s best to withdraw from a course after speaking with both your professor and your academic advisor. You may withdraw from individual courses or from all courses in a semester in Self-Service Banner. Visit the Office of the Registrar's Website for withdrawal deadlines. Please refer to the Office of Financial Aid for more information on how withdrawing from a course may affect your financial aid status.


  • Graduation Questions
    • What do I need to know about graduation? How do I know if I’m on track to graduate?
      • Graduation Information can be found on the Registrar’s page. Students are required to submit an online application on Self Service Banner during the semester in which they are expected to complete their program - all courses are complete. There is a one-time $100 fee to apply. Students should consult their advisors, or program coordinators, to confirm all courses and program requirements have been met in each of their Majors(s), Minor(s), CUGS, or Concentration(s) listed on their transcript. At this time there are at least 4 different terms to graduate: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer - stay on top of dates & deadlines associated with each term so to avoid any delays. Note: Graduation is separate from participating in the commencement ceremony.


  • Career Questions
    • What type of careers/jobs can my degree help me get after graduation?
      • Meet with a Career Counselor! The Office of Career Advancement is a key resource on campus to help you with this question and more available to assist Rowan students and alumni with career related services such as career counseling and self-assessment, resume critique, cover letter assistance, interview preparation, and many more!  You can also reach out to your academic department to determine if there are additional resources available for your major.
    • What do I need to know about graduate school?
      • Grad school is a great way to move forward in your education.  You can check out Rowan’s list of graduate degrees on the University website. What you plan to pursue will heavily determine the GPA requirement, as well as dictate if you need to take any standardized test such as the GRE.