Chemistry Placement Test

Chemistry Placement Test

Chemistry Placement Test

Description of Test

  • This is a test that was developed by the Chemistry Department at Rowan University to determine your level of preparedness for Chemistry. The test is administered without any fee through our online learning system, Canvas. There are 25 multiple choice questions on a variety of subjects and the score determines placement into Essentials of Chemistry (CHEM 05100) or Chemistry I (CHEM 6100). *Note: If you are in the Cooperative BSN program you will take either Essentials of General Chemistry (CHEM 05100) or General Organic and Biological Chemistry (CHEM 05105). Any incoming student in one of the majors that requires Chemistry must take this placement test, unless you meet one of the exemptions listed in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Chemistry Test Exemptions

Place check the chart below to see if you are required to take the Chemistry Placement Test

*You are exempt from the Chemistry placement testing if you scored a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry Test or successfully transfer college level Essentials or Chemistry I. Courses that are currently in progress cannot be considered for exemption. AP exam results must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.