Applying to ASCEND (EOF or RISE)

Applying to ASCEND (EOF or RISE)

Eligibility Criteria

Students must apply through common application via the Rowan Admissions Office.

To be eligible, students must meet one or more of the following criteria: 

      • First Generation- first in family to complete a four year degree for RISE scholarship
      • Low –income as indicated by EOF state guidelines
      • Demonstrate academic promise and motivation to succeed as demonstrated by high school gpa, ACT/SAT, RISE essay, and interview and recommendation letters
      • Passionate about the opportunity to receive additional academic support and resources to increase persistence
      • Able to participate in the full six week Pre-College Institute (typically the last week in June through the first week in August).

Students may be interviewed to determine if they meet the criteria for ASCEND, and which specific program within ASCEND they qualify (STAR/LSAMP, IMPACT, EOF, or RISE).

During the admissions process, your financial aid eligibility will be reviewed to determine financial support needed and grant or scholarship eligibility. Award letters will be provide to selected students  via the admissions office. These letter will indicate that a student has been accepted to the ASCEND pre-college institute and  identify which program they are admitted to (i.e EOF Scholar or RISE Scholar).