Pre-College Institute - Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-College Institute - Frequently Asked Questions

PCI - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. Why can’t the students have cell phones during PCI?

A. Cell phones have been found to be a distraction from social growth and engagement; preventing students from learning and getting to know others, and are disruptive to class instructors. Surveys of our 2014 and 2015 PCI students revealed that:

  • 90 percent of former PCI students strongly agreed or agreed that not having a cell phone made them more willing to make new friends in the PCI program.
  • 88 percent of former PCI students strongly agreed or agreed that not having a cell phone during the PCI program helped them remain focused in the program and in classes.

Cell phones that are brought to the program are collected on Sundays and returned to the students prior to check out on Thursdays.

Q. How can I contact my child?

A. Each apartment has a phone and an extension. You will receive the phone number during arrival day.

Q. Can my child have visitors?

A. No, there is no visitation.

Q. When can my child come home?

A. All weekends but one throughout the program (see weekend schedule in PCI Booklet).

Q. Can my child have a car on campus?

A. Yes; however, they must turn in their car keys upon returning to campus each Sunday. Car keys are returned to students prior to checkout each week.

Q. How can my child receive packages?

A. Hand-delivered to the main office in Whitney Center, or by U.S. mail to:

Student’s Name

Rowan University

ASCEND Office, 3rd fl. Savitz Hall

201 Mullica Hill Rd.

Glassboro, NJ 08028

Q. Can I drop off a package at Whitney?

A. Yes. Packages can be dropped off anytime at front desk of the Whitney Center. Students are notified that a package is waiting for them to pick up. Please clearly label each item to ensure packages are given to the appropriate student.

Q. Why hasn’t my child called home?

A. Students are having fun, meeting new friends, and following a very rigorous schedule. They are free to make calls when they are in their rooms or after their scheduled day ends.

Q. When should doctor appointments be scheduled?

A. Appointments should be made on Fridays or after the PCI program ends on Aug. 5, unless it is an emergency.

Q. I scheduled a vacation during the summer program, can my child be excused?

A. No. The entire six-week summer program is mandatory. Only approved extenuating circumstances are excused, such as a medical emergency.

Q. Can my child bring a laptop?

A. Yes. We encourage students to bring laptops or tablets due to limited computer lab availability, but they cannot use them in the classroom, unless approved by their professor.

Q. How can I get a copy of my student’s grades?

A. The quickest, easiest way for parents to receive information about the student’s grades, financial statement, or other student information is for the student to provide it. Students can look up information online, print it off, and give or e-mail a copy to their parents.

Q. If I’m paying for my child’s education, why can’t I get a copy of my students’ records?

A. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, requires that access to a college student’s records must be granted by approval of the student. Parents can, however, receive information about their student’s records if the student agrees to provide access. This documentation should be submitted to the Office of Registrar for transcripts, and to the Office of the Dean of Students for any other education record. The FERPA waiver can be found at:

Q. Does ASCEND cover students’ expenses during the academic year, as is done in the summer?

A. No, each student receives a bill from the Bursar detailing the amount owed by the student. Students and parents can apply for loans to assist with covering the cost of attending Rowan. Financial Aid Information can be found at: Once on the Financial Aid page, click on “Contact Us” found under Resources. Then, fill out the personal information, list your questions in the text box, and hit “Submit.”