Incoming Freshmen

Incoming Freshmen

Visions & Goals

The mission of the ASCEND program is to provide our students access to a community of learners that embrace high academic standards and an appreciation of learning. Through a holistic approach, we will value each student’s unique gifts and talents and provide an environment that embraces and celebrates diversity. Consistent with the University mission, we will foster the intellectual, critical thinking and personal development of students which enables them to live as essential contributing members of a multi-cultural society. The ultimate goal of the ASCEND program is to retain and graduate students through support services and innovative programs.


Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in the ASCEND program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence each semester
  • Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate decision making skills
  • Identify behaviors that contribute to healthy choices
  • Employ effective time management and study skills
  • Identify campus and community resources available to aid in their adjustment to college
  • Build academic and social networks that support student learning
  • Produce a post-graduate education / employment career plan
  • Demonstrate knowledge and sensitivity to issues of culture, diversity, and social justice as applied to community engagementDemonstrate an understanding of financial aid guidelines, responsibilities and personal money management


Thinking about applying? Here is a Freshman application checklist and set of requirements to make the application process easy.

Accepted / Pre-College Institute

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