Frequently Used Forms

Frequently Used Forms

Frequently Used Forms


End Users

BOT Resolution Request
Cell Phone Reimbursement Request
Approval Form (Contract, Sole Source)
Entertainment Form
Fixed Asset Disposal Form
Sole Source
Used Equipment Certification Form
Vehicle Purchase Justification



Vendor Intake Form
NJ REG/BRC Long Form*
NJ REG/BRC Short Form*
EO117 / CH51 Compliance Application (for purchases exceeding $17,499.00)

 *NJ REG/BRC Long Form for business entities not including sole proprietorships / *NJ REG/BRC Short Form for sole proprietorships and individuals


Bid Forms

Bid Form Definitions / University Terms & Conditions

The documents below are mandated by NJ State regulation and University policy. Not all documents are required for every available bid; Page 3 of each proposal will outline the mandated documents for that specific bid offering.


Affidavit of Outreach & Subcontractor Outreach Contact Sheet
Chapter 271 Vendor Certification & Political Contribution Disclosure
Consent of Surety
Construction Contracts Language
Disclosure of Investment Activities in Iran
EEO / AA Evidence Disclosure
EO151 / Additional Mandatory Construction Language
EO117 / CH51 Compliance Application
Exhibit A Mandatory Equal Opportunity Language
Exhibit B Mandatory Equal Opportunity Language
Form of Bid Bond
MacBride Principles
NJ Business Certificate Registration (Reg-A)
NJ State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination
Non-Collusion Affidavit
Notice Regarding Minority, Female, and Small Business Contractors
Ownership Disclosure
Subcontractor Disclosure Form
Subcontractor Utilization Plan