The Parent Orientation Program, a two-day experience that runs simultaneously with Summer Freshman Orientation, is designed to familiarize parents and guardians with the University, policies, procedures, and adjustments new students face during the college experience. The program includes presentations and discussions on a wide range of topics, such as student behavioral expectations, first-year transitions, student engagement, residential living and learning, campus services, and academics.  Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, students, and administrators; attend the Division of Student Life's “RU Ready To Step Up?” signature campaign; dine in the Marketplace; and explore Glassboro.  

This is a perfect venue for finding answers to all of your questions about being the parent of a Rowan University freshman. For more information, please see a sample schedule for our 2-day Freshman orientation session with a list of available sessions.



A series of 10 parent/family learning outcomes (PLO) were identified for inclusion in the orientation program analysis and evaluation. The PLO were identified as:

  1. Learn more about the Rowan campus and parent programs
  2. Become familiar with a few Rowan faculty and administrators
  3. Develop a feeling of comfort about having their student reside on campus or commute to Rowan
  4. Learn more about college life and what their student will experience
  5. Learn about the support services that Rowan offers
  6. Increase knowledge of how to appropriately support their student at the college level
  7. Recognize the value in having college students be more independent
  8. Recognize that Rowan is a safe campus that also encourages students to make safe and healthy choices
  9. Provide a contact they can call upon in the future
  10. Increase parent awareness about how Rowan supports healthy choices and helps its students become aware of how their choices impact the future


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