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Rowan University’s First-Generation Task Force program initiative, Flying First, was developed to enhance academic success for our first-generation students while focusing on an increased sense of belonging within our campus community. Through the promotion of diversity, educational opportunities, and intentional support, Flying First hopes to aid with the transition to college, provide resources to facilitate success in the classroom, and foster pride in and positive perceptions of first-generation students through networking and advocacy throughout the University community. 


Celebrating & connecting first-generation college students

Starting in the fall 2019-spring 2020 academic year, the Flying First program, in partnership with Residential Learning & University Housing will be offering a learning community for incoming first-generation freshmen students. The First-Generation Learning Community will be located in Evergreen Hall and will give freshmen students enhanced opportunities to connect with our program and each other. Other benefits to living within this learning community include:

  • Provides a built-in community of shared support to ease the overall transition to college
  • Allows for opportunities to foster relationships with first-gen peers and other professional staff members within the Flying First program
  • Share your first-gen story and learn the stories of others
  • Celebrate being first-gen!

Students can express interest in living in this learning community through the MyHousing Application ( Additional questions regarding the learning community can be sent to


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