Sick/Injury Appointment

Sick/Injury Appointment

Sick/Injury Appointment

All matriculated students who are currently attending classes at Rowan University may use services at Student Health Services (SHS).  At SHS trained medical professionals provide preventative care and treat acute illnesses and injuries.  Most student illnesses can be diagnosed and treated in our office.

Healthcare providers assess, diagnose, treat and educate the student to support their needs and foster a healthy lifestyle.  Students with more serious illnesses or conditions requiring hospitalization, laboratory, diagnostics or specialist care will be referred accordingly.  

Other services offered include:
⦁ vaccinations
⦁ rapid testing (strep, flu, mono) & lab testing
⦁ reproductive health services by FamCare
⦁ nutrition consultation
⦁ medication dispensing

There is no charge to see a healthcare provider for an illness visit.  Rapid tests, medications and specialty visits may have charges associated with them.  Services are provided by appointment, but students may contact SHS with questions regarding their health during business hours.

We do not see patients for any motor vehicle accident related injuries.  Students should proceed to a local emergency room or urgent care for any motor vehicle accident related injuries.

For more information regarding our services or to make an appointment, call 856-256-4333.  You may also schedule most types of appointments online, through the Online Wellness Link (OWL). To access OWL visit anytime day or night.  


For any serious, life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 immediately.