Student Health Services Appointments

Always bring your health insurance to your appointments.
  • Appointments are required to be seen at Student Health Services (SHS)
  • Making appointments for the wrong reason may result in your appointment being canceled and rescheduled. This is because we may need to schedule a longer appointment time for you or schedule you with a different medical provider.
  • Students should cancel any appointment they are unable to make prior to the appointment time. Students that do not show for a scheduled appointment will receive a No Show Charge of $10 to $25.
  • Student Health Services does not provide class excuse notes.  Appointments should not be scheduled for the purpose of attaining a class excuse.
  • Students under 18 years of age must have a parent/legal guardian sign a Consent for Treatment prior to their visit.
  • The Wellness Center regularly screens students for depression and assesses substance use.  Resources and educational information are offered when appropriate.  Click here to for additional health information.

Sexual & Reproductive Health Appointments

The following are some helpful resources to help you make healthy informed decisions about your sexual and reproductive health.

Sick/Injury Appointments

All matriculated students may receive medical services at the Student Health Services. Most student illness can be diagnosed and treated in our office.

Emergency & After Hours Care

Helpful information for medical emergencies and after hours care.

Student Health Charges

Services are provided by appointment. There is no charge to see a healthcare provider for an illness visit. Rapid tests, medications and specialty visits may have charges associated with them.