Guidelines for Forming a Graduate Student Organization

Guidelines for Forming a Graduate Student Organization

Graduate Student Organization Eligibility and Requirements

Graduate student organizations must be organized by or on behalf of graduate students. A graduate student is considered someone who has obtained their baccalaureate degree and is enrolled in a post-baccalaureate degree or certificate program. A graduate organization can have undergraduate members but the organization must have a stated mission and purpose which is centered on (and led by) the graduate members. Organizations must be demonstrably open and welcoming to all graduate students.

Organizations approved by GSGA are required to complete at least one service project, one fundraiser, and one social gathering per academic year (these can be combined into fewer events). In addition, organizations must have one representative at all GSGA general meetings. Based on availability, additional funds may be available to the organization through GSGA by request. All organizations approved by GSGA must register in ProfLink and tag themselves as a graduate organization.

GSGA Petition Process:

All petitions to form a graduate student organization are submitted to and vetted by the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA). Any graduate student may petition GSGA to become a graduate student organization. The application should include information that describes:

  1. Name and email of point-of-contact for petition
  2. Name of the organization’s faculty/staff advisor
  3. Existing officer positions and names of students who will be in officer positions
  4. Description of organization/club (including stated mission and purpose of the organization/club)
  5. Gap/need the organization fills on campus
  6. Whether your organization is part of/a chapter of a national organization
  7. Target student group(s)
  8. Proposed recruitment techniques
  9. Proposed first service project
  10. Proposed first fundraising project
  11. Proposed first social event
  12. Graduate Student Organization Faculty Advisor Form (signed by potential faculty advisor)
  13. Prospective Members Signature Sheet (signed by at least 5 potential members)

Application materials should be submitted via Google Form and will be reviewed by the GSGA Executive Board, with advisement from the School of Graduate Studies.

Items to Remember After Organizational Approval:

  1. If you need an email alias, you can submit an IRT support ticket.
  2. You need to email any time there is a change in your organization’s officers.
  3. Each approved GSGA organization is required to send a proposed budget to GSGA in the spring semester for the following academic year with an activity report that describes their service project, fundraiser, and social events.

Event Planning

  • All organizational event planning must adhere to university event planning guidelines including room reservations, event registration, event publicization (i.e. Rowan Announcers, flyers, listservs, social media) and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Events must be scheduled in locations that are accessible to persons with disabilities. 
  • Any off-campus travel must adhere to university travel guidelines.

Purchasing and Reimbursements

  • Your faculty/staff advisor and/or Dr. Stephanie Lezotte, Assistant Dean of SGS (, can advise on purchasing and reimbursements. Rowan has preferred vendors that must be used for purchasing, such as Gourmet Dining.
  • Rowan is a tax-exempt public institution; sales tax is not reimbursable. A tax-exempt letter is available to show vendors.
  • Your organization must adhere to university policies for paying honorarium. Your faculty/staff advisor can assist.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at any on-campus student event. University funds may not be used to buy alcohol at off-campus events.
  • You can deposit funds raised in fundraisers via the Bursar’s Office. Your faculty/staff advisor can guide you in this process.