Office of Contracting & Procurement

Office of Contracting & Procurement


Welcome to the Office of Contracting & Procurement (OC&P)


 Conditions of Purchase


New Approval Requirements

New Procurement Thresholds

  • Quote Threshold increased from $3,440 to $10,000 
  • Bid Threshold increased from $34,400 to $35,500
  • BRC Threshold increased from $5,160 - $5,325 

New Scientific Vendors

Information regarding vendors and instructions are available here or on the Preferred Vendors page.

Change Order Requests

On July 1st, the change order mailbox will be turned off. You will make all of your purchase order change requests below:

 Change Order Request

What you will be asked to provide:

  • Purchase Order #
  • Vendor
  • Buyer (listed on the bottom left corner of your purchase order)
  • Type (increase of decrease)
  • Amount (since last change order)
  • Change Request
  • New Total
  • Explanation for Change
  • Any documentation you wish to provide

If you have any general questions, please reach out to If you have any purchase order specific questions, please reach out to the buyer listed on your purchase order.

The Change Order Request Portal is now available for use.

Find COVID-19 Procurement Procedures here for employees, vendors and site visits 

New Grant Uniform Guidance Policy and Processes

Uniform Guidance (UG), is the set of rules and regulations that governs the administration of federally funded projects during its life span. The bulk of Uniform Guidance came into effect on December 26, 2014, but much of the guidelines that impact University Procurement Services were delayed. As a result, Rowan became compliant with UG standards by July 1, 2018, a requirement in order to remain eligible to receive federal funds.

Check out the website for more information.

Warning: Confirming Orders

In order to safeguard public funds State Law requires, with few exceptions, that goods and services be received and inspected before payment is made.

Requisitions submitted to the OC&P after the order has been placed with the vendor or after the University has received the products or services are called Confirming Orders.

Confirming orders are not allowed.

There are several potential problems associated with confirming orders; such as:

  • Violations of legal requirements
  • Lost items
  • Missed discounts
  • Receipt of duplicate shipments
  • Redundant payments
  • Unidentified invoices

Any employee who buys products or services without going through the OC&P assumes the possibility of personal liability for payment and the suspension of requisitioning privileges.

If you submit a requisition with an invoice attached indicating the purchase has already been completed, please note that the OC&P may not process the requisition.

Frequently Used Procurement Portals

Click here for the required Approval Form (Contract and Sole Source). 
Change Order Sole Source