Office of Contracting & Procurement

Office of Contracting & Procurement

Welcome to the Office of Contracting & Procurement (OC&P)

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 Conditions of Purchase


Important News

Click here for information regarding Fiscal Year End 2019.

Pro tips for when you need to enter a requisition after the cutoff:

Circumstances happen. So what happens when you need to purchase something after the cutoff but before the new budgets open in July? Or what about a bill that slipped through cracks and now needs payment?

  • Enter the requisition in Banner so you have a requisition number as reference in your subject line.
  • Email Requisitions with an explanation for the late submission.
  • Each late submission will be reviewed. Any new orders will require assurance that the goods or services will be delivered or complete prior to FY end.

Welcome Stacie Mori

Please welcome our newest team member Stacie Mori 856-256-4504!

New Sole Source Online Submission

Visit the OC&P website for full instructions on how to access the form.

New Preferred Vendor

The OC&P is excited to announce that Amazon Business is now an approved marketplace through our US Communities contract. We have partnered with Amazon Business in order to simplify the purchasing process, and allow you to take advantage of the wide selection and competitive prices on the Amazon Business marketplace. For more information or to request an invitation to shop, email Alexis Jones. Please also review the purchasing guide available here.

The OC&P has partnered with SupplyWorks to provide maintenance, repair and operations supplies for all campuses. SupplyWorks is a Home Depot company. You may visit your local Home Depot to purchase walk-in supplies. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Alicia Gannon for assistance.

DS Water Services (910001701) is our recommended vendor for Water Cooler rentals and 5 Gal Water. If you have any questions or concerns please send them to

Available Now

Enterprise/National (910001675) our vehicle rental service provider, has offered members of the University their own Emerald Club Membership for business or personal use. Reference Account Number XZ17J66 for business use rentals with insurance included and XZ17711 for personal use rentals.

Contract training videos are available here and on the Contracts website. If you still have questions on how to properly execute the contract cover sheet, contract template, addendum or contract process in general, we are here to help! Please reach out to Alexis Jones or Gina Floyd for assistance.

The Campus Community

Over the summer a student group brought to our attention the need for medical vending supplies. We worked with Culinary Ventures, our snack vending partner, to add rows of pain reliever and feminine hygiene products to their machines on campus.

Things to Keep in Mind

With the exception of take-out orders under $100, Gourmet Dining has exclusive catering rights on campus.
Any purchase that has an IT component is subject to IT approval, unless an exception applies. Examples of exceptions include, but are not limited to, monitors, keyboards, mice, hard drives, flash drives, cables, etc. Please click here for more information.

How to Purchase Goods or Services

Click here for information regarding how to purchase goods and/or services legally end efficiently.

Vendors: Doing Business with RU

Vendors and end users can click here for information regarding required vendor documentation and Banner IDs

Bid Advertisements

Rowan bids are available to all vendors. It is the goal of OC&P to create fair and equal opportunities to ensure quality and competitiveness among all vendors.