Stationery Policy

Stationery Policy

All departments must purchase all letterhead, envelopes and business cards through the University contract to ensure the quality and consistency of the products. No “homemade” letterhead or business cards may be produced or distributed on campus or off campus.

Letterhead may not be created by photocopying. If you have such products now, please shred and recycle them and order new products through Nothing may be added to the imprint of letterhead that is not approved by University Publications. All purchases, whether made by requisition or credit card, will be reviewed by the director of Purchasing and the director of University Publications, regardless of dollar value.

No purchase of letterhead, envelopes or business cards will be approved or reimbursed to departments or individuals if it is not from an approved or contract printer or if it fails to comply with graphic standards and vendor standards.

Letter perfect
A significant part of our communication both on campus and off campus is correspondence on University stationery. In producing letterhead, envelopes and business cards, our goal is to most efficiently use University resources and best maintain our institutional graphic identity and standards for quality.

Editorial style standards for Rowan University business cards

Business cards may contain the following employee information:

  • Names
  • Academic and professional credentials, qualifications and affiliations
  • Title
  • Department or office
  • College or division
  • Rowan office telephone
  • Rowan office fax
  • Rowan e-mail *use your full current last name
  • Rowan-hosted web page (www. or http:// should not be used)

*Does your e-mail address accurately and completely identify you?

The ease of using and providing an e-mail address depends in part on it being accurate and easy to identify as a Rowan employee. Please improve your e-mail identity and communication by updating your e-mail address, especially in these two cases: 

If you were once a Rowan student and still have an incomplete last name and/or numerals assigned to students, such as


If your e-mail contains a name that you no longer use (change in marital or legal status) 

Before proceeding with your business card order, please update your e-mail address to use your full last name by visiting, logging in and selecting “Username Change” from the left side.  

Please keep the following in mind when composing your business card:

  1. No courtesy titles (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss)
  2. Use working titles, not state titles (i.e., Program Coordinator, not program specialist II or Assistant Director, Facilities, not assistant supervisor 1, Trades)
  3. Credentials and affiliations may occupy up to 9 characters after one’s name.
  4. Use degree designations without periods (MS, MA, MFA, MBA, EdD, PhD, JD, etc.)
  5. List the highest degree earned without preceding degrees
  6. Use affiliations and credentials without periods (APR, CPA, CPP, etc.)
  7. Use only descriptors that are relevant to one’s employment at the University (i.e., no military ranks, unrelated professional credentials, etc.)
  8. Members of the professional staff whose primary responsibility is academic advising may use the title “Academic Advisor” or “Graduate Program Advisor”
  9. Faculty managers in Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and Psychology use the designation "Department Head". All other departments use “Chair".
  10. Only Rowan phone and fax numbers, Rowan-based e-mail addresses and Rowan-hosted web pages may be included on business cards. Personal contact information should be included on syllabi or other course-specific information distributed to students.
  11. Room and suite numbers are not permitted but the floor may be specified. 

Business cards for adjunct faculty
Because adjunct faculty generally serve the University on a limited basis, the University does not routinely provide business cards for them. However, if the nature of an adjunct’s assignment requires business cards, the adjunct must request the cards through the department chair, who will forward the request to the dean of the college.

If the dean approves the purchase, the order may be placed through the normal process initiated with the card order form and requisition.

If the dean approves the adjunct’s request but not the funds to purchase the card, the adjunct may purchase the cards personally by using the card order form and paying the University’s printer directly. In either case, the card must comply with Rowan graphic and editorial standards and must be produced by the University’s contracted vendor, Glassboro Printing.

The intent of the policy is threefold:

  1. To limit the access of adjuncts to business cards so that those who teach temporarily or infrequently will not have cards that suggest a significant relationship with the university equivalent to tenured or tenure-track full-time or part-time faculty. 
  2. To maintain the graphic and editorial standards for business cards that provide an employee with consistent, legitimate identification with Rowan University.
  3. To ensure the allocation of funds for business cards to those whose employment with the University requires cards.