Logo usage guidelines

Logo usage guidelines

The Rowan University logo family

The Rowan University logo family is a flexible set of type and art options that will suit virtually every need for a Rowan signature or logo lock-up. It's called a signature or lock-up because it locks into place the name of the unit with the Rowan logo. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to use the right file format for your project. Contact University Publications for the video, web and print versions of the logo which have technical features to ensure good quality reproduction in each medium.
  • If your project is a promotional item (a coffee mug, tote bag, pen, apparel or other item), it's often best to use art (other than the logo) that allows for these products’ special imprinting areas and the style or function of the item (kind of like trying to avoid combining a business suit with a Hawaiian shirt---they're both reasonable to wear, but they have different functions and don't combine well). Please check with University Publications about custom imprints and using a vendor who will comply with our standards.
  • Sometimes, the imprint area on an item is just too small to allow the logo to appear legibly. In those cases, you may need to choose a different item with a larger imprint area. If you stick with a small area, plan to simply place Rowan University in a legible font and limit the amount of information to what's truly essential, possibly a URL or phone number, if the space allows. It's always better to communicate one simple message effectively than to garble an attempt at more.

Our visual signature

While it's tempting and easy to put the logo on everything and use it as the most prominent visual element on a project, it's usually not a good idea to do that. In the case of a brochure or report, the title or subject is your primary message and the logo should be used as an identifying mark that shows affiliation with the University. On a t-shirt or coffee mug or stress ball, it's usually best to identify Rowan more informally, possibly with a casual design, not with the official institutional logo.

Using the logo as a "signature element" (at a relatively small size, often at the bottom of a page) shows the relationship between the University and its offices, departments, programs, outreach, etc. (i.e., Department of English or STEM Center). The name of your unit should appear beneath the Rowan logo as part of the unit’s contact information or by itself.

Logo standards

  1. The logo should appear on the front or back of a publication or project as a subtle but consistent reminder of a relationship with the University.
  2. Use only one of the variations provided on the Logo Downloads page. Don’t try to use different configurations of the art and type or attempt to change one to suit your project.
  3. The logo may not appear with another exempt entity logo or the University seal.
  4. To help show the affiliation between the University and its offices, departments and programs (i.e., Department of English or STEM Center), the name of a unit may appear with the Rowan logo. Please don't attempt to create this on your own. If you don't have a unit signature (or lock-up) provided by University Publications, please let us know and we'll create it for you in the formats you'll most likely need. 
  5. The encircled torch may not appear alone unless it's used according to standards.
  6. Individual unit logos may not be used on letterhead and business cards, except as mentioned in Exemptions.
  7. Use the logo at a minimum width of 4 picas, or 2/3 inch, as long as you use the entire image and the words, “Rowan University” are legible.
  8. The logo may be embossed, stamped, screened into a background, foil-stamped, reversed to white or reproduced in the colors specified on p. 8 of the Brand Standards guide. The color of the logo depends on the color of the background. 
  9. Special reproductions such as embroidery and engraving are possible, too. Please contact University Publications if you’d like more information about these options.
  10. The logo should not be printed over photographs or artwork with great detail or high contrast. When the logo appears over a photo, it may not be more than 40 percent in neutral density where the logo is placed.
  11. The logo should be positioned such that the clear area surrounding the logo remains at least the radius of the circle.


Is it OK to share the Rowan logo with vendors and partners to show that we use or recommend a product or service?

The short answer: no one should agree to the use of the Rowan University name, logo, and/or provide a recommendation before checking with the Office of General Counsel.  

More detail: Often, a vendor or partner asks to post the Rowan logo as a way of showing that Rowan does business with them or has a relationship of some sort. While Rowan business is of public record, posting a Rowan logo on a vendor’s site or in a vendor’s promotional materials may appear to be more of an endorsement than a statement of business or affiliation. Also, it can be difficult to keep the use of the logo to a certain time or type of use without a formal agreement or without conflicting with another agreement. 

For these reasons and more, all requests to share the Rowan name, logo or a recommendation about a service, product or affiliation must be vetted through the University’s legal department (and possibly others) for approval. Individual employees should not speak on behalf of the institution or use the university name to imply authority to do so.


How can I get the file to share?

If the Office of General Counsel approves the use of the logo, it's important to be sure the logo will render or reproduce properly. Make sure to request the pixel dimensions and file format for online use. For print or other reproduction, get the specifications for the file, including the file format, use of color and dimensions. University Publications will help you provide the right file to the vendor or partner.