Graphic Standards Policy

Graphic Standards Policy



No purchase of letterhead, envelopes or business cards will be approved or reimbursed to departments or individuals if it is not from an approved or contract printer. If you have questions about vendors and their responsibility to meet our Graphic Standards, please visit our recommended vendors section or contact a Purchasing or University Publications staff member.

Graphic Standards policy

Rowan University visual communications must bear the University name and logo and be consistent with uniformly high professional standards in content and appearance. This policy includes all colleges, schools, departments, offices and units of the University and all individuals representing the University.

Visual communications include stationery (letterhead, note cards, envelopes, business cards, fax cover sheets), A/V presentations, publications, building signs, vehicle graphics, name badges, imprinted apparel and promotional items, advertisements, compact disks, photocopied materials and Web sites.

Also in this group are any materials that are paid for (including by reimbursement) in part or wholly by University funds or public and private grant funds awarded to the University and funds given for University purposes through the Rowan University Foundation.

Policy Exemptions

Certain programs and affiliates of the University are exempt from using the University logo—although they must still comply with standards for design, writing, editing, websites, printing and other forms of production. These exemptions are permitted because, while the entities significantly reflect institutional value, their own missions and identities are related to but distinct from the University’s as identified by their 501 (C) 3 status. No other academic or administrative units may use these entities’ logos to identify themselves or the University. Each exempt entity governs use of its own visual identity (with the prior advice and consent of the University).

501(c)(3) Exemptions

  • Rowan University Foundation
  • Rowan University Alumni Association
  • South Jersey Technology Park

Other exemptions

  • Rowan University intercollegiate athletics (the Athletics marks are protected by licensing and trademarked for use by Rowan Athletics and licensed vendors; Athletics identity standards guide their use) 
  • materials produced exclusively for classroom or office use
  • research presentations and publications
  • literature for other scholarly or creative activity
  • materials for student organizations such as clubs, fraternities and sororities
  • student publications such as the Whit, The Image, Avant and other projects funded by the Student Government Association
Student organizations and faculty may use the University logo as long as they follow Graphic Standards guidelines. Please also refer to the Rowan University Web Standards (when available) for guidelines about posting information online.