Sustainability Planning

Rowan University is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering an environment where our practices exemplify concepts taught in the classroom.

On this page you will find two planning documents in draft form. Developed in 2009, these documents represent fundamental concepts in summary form. The first document titled “Rowan University’s Path to Carbon Neutrality” is a broad Sustainability Plan weighted toward physical changes to the campus. The second document titled “Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum” focuses on efforts to expand Sustainability broadly into our teachings. Both documents are in pdf format and can be downloaded.

We wish to thank the faculty, staff, and students listed below who have worked many hours tirelessly sharing their remarkable knowledge and talents and turning them into well thought out, quality documents. By sharing these documents we are strongly encouraging the Rowan University community to review them and provide comments by writing to:

Rowan University’s Path to Carbon Neutrality (DRAFT)

Integrating Sustainability into the Rowan Curriculum (DRAFT)