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Campus Master Plans

Transforming Rowan University

In 2006, the University community came together to develop an aggressive multi-year improvement plan that would earn it a national reputation for excellence and innovation and make it the public university of choice in the region. Sasaki Associates, a university master planning design firm, helped facilitate conversations between faculty, students, staff, administrators, board members and external stakeholders that led to the development and adoption of the master plan.

In 2013, the Plan was updated to reflect the changes outlined in the New Jersey Medical and Science Education Restructuring Act of 2012. Below is a link to the updated document, which was adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 12, 2013.

Sasaki's Long Range Facilities Master Plan 2013 (pdf)

West Campus Master Plan (pdf)

SOM Master Plan

Rowan’s Stormwater Management and Landscape Master Plan provides the foundation for a successful and sustainable transformation by devoting critical attention to the environmental performance and character of the
future campus landscape. The Plan provides a holistic strategy for campus development—accommodating
building expansion outlined in the 2013 Rowan University Facilities Master Plan within a network of thriving campus landscapes and highperforming ecological infrastructure.

Stormwater & Landscape Master Plan (pdf)

In 2015, the University engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey to update the Housing Master Plan that was completed in 2009 which outlined Rowan's long-term plan for student housing. Below are links to the updated documents assessing the current and future needs of on-campus housing.

Housing Master Plan Update (pdf)

Parking Master Plan 2015 (pdf)

In 2017 Rowan University conducted a technical analysis of the Glassboro campus exterior lighting system, covering parking lots and pedestrian paths. The study also gives and prioritizes recommendations for future upgrades, and drafts an exterior lighting standard specification​.

Rowan University Lighting Study (pdf)