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Accounts Payable - University Policies

 General Payment Policy

 Last Revision: 11/27/23  
This policy seeks to promote fiscal control, timely and accurate disbursement of funds for external purchases and reimbursements, and compliance with state and federal regulations.
This policy also provides guidance governing all payment and disbursements of University funds, except those for salaries and wages.

 Receptions and Entertainment

 Last Revision: 10/22/21  
To set Rowan University guidelines regarding expenditure of State funds, faculty practice funds, and non-state grant funds for entertainment and official receptions.

 Travel Policy

 Last Revision: 3/21/24  
This policy sets forth expenses that are reimbursable by the University for transportation, meals, lodging, registration fees, and miscellaneous items while traveling on official University business.

Finance - University Policies 

 Gift Card Policy

Last Revision: 11/27/23  
To establish guidelines for the procurement, distribution, accounting, and reconciliation of gift cards to meet the needs of the University community while facilitating the University’s tax compliance reporting and internal cash control requirements.  The purchase and use of such items requires strict accountability – gift cards may only be used for prizes and awards or to compensate human subject research participants.

 Use of SSNs and PII in Human Subject Research

Last Revision: 04/28/22  
The purpose of this policy is to protect the use of social security numbers and personal identifying information collected for research purposes.

 Independent Contractor Policy

 Last Revision: 01/01/18  
United States Federal and State law requires the University to properly classify its workers as either Employees or Independent Contractors. This policy identifies the steps, documents, and processes necessary to ensure proper classification of Independent Contractors.
–Visit Human Resources Independent Contractor website for more information.

 Relocation Expenses*

 Last Revision: 11/29/22  
 This policy sets forth the procedures, guidelines and limitations for reimbursement of reasonable, necessary and appropriate relocation expenses incurred by eligible new employees.
–Visit Payroll website for more information.

 Technology Ownership Policy

 Last Revision: 06/05/23  

 This policy defines ownership of all technology assets purchased with Rowan University funds.
–Visit IRT website for more information.


*Important Announcement Regarding Relocation Expenses:

Effective 1/1/2018, all moving expenses paid by an Employer are taxable and are required to be included as taxable income on the employee’s W-2. This includes all moving reimbursements and payments made directly to third party vendors.  This change was a part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a new tax law, which went into effect in early 2018.