Rowan Thrive Well-Being

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Rowan Thrive Well-Being

Rowan Thrive

Wherever you come from and wherever you plan to go, life in a University community will be like the rest of life: full of choices, opportunities and challenges. What might surprise you is that you can thrive, no matter what's going on around you—at Rowan and in the rest of life—when you make well-being a way of life.

Well-being means something different to everyone, but in general, it's the sense of feeling good about you and your place in the world. It goes beyond classroom and career. It's intentional. It brings balance. 

Rowan Thrive is our community's commitment to help each person cultivate well-being throughout life's journey of highs and lows. Rowan Thrive is a toolkit for developing a mindset, actions and behaviors that will help you build a life of purpose, resilience and engagement. Rowan Thrive is designed to help you live according to your values, maximize your potential and find your best self. 

Your well-being is your responsibility, your personal journey—and Rowan Thrive is here to help. 

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