2021 Symposium

  • Flying First Symposium

2021 Symposium

4th Annual First-Generation Symposium

Adapting Amid Change and Uncertainty


From racial tensions to Covid-19 to political unrest, the impact of changes and uncertainty in our everyday lives has been far reaching, with impacts on mental health, physical safety, food insecurity, academic disparities, and more. This has also demonstrated unimaginable creativity and unsurpassed resiliency while navigating this unique time.  First-generation students and their families are learning to thrive in this new, ever-changing, often-challenging, environment while the professionals who work in this environment must stay vigilant to anticipate the best ways to adapt. This year’s theme, Adapting Amid Change and Uncertainty, focuses on the sometimes apparent, but also many unexpected ways that first-generation students and the surrounding systems are impacted by the ever-changing nature of contemporary challenges.

A completely virtual experience, the core of the symposium will remain the same: to educate, share ideas, and work to serve the needs of First Generation students and their families. The symposium will feature presentations, breakout sessions, resources, a roundtable discussion, as well as the return of the Student Panel session! The anticipated audience will include students, faculty, and staff from Rowan University and local colleges and universities.


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