National Gem Consortium

National Gem Consortium

National GEM Consortium

Rowan is a University Member of The National GEM Consortium. The mission of The National GEM Consortium is to enhance the value of the nation’s human capital by increasing the participation of primarily underrepresented groups (African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) at the master’s and doctoral levels in engineering and science*. Founded in 1976 at the University of Notre Dame, GEM has graduated over 4,000 researchers, professors, entrepreneurs, inventors, and business leaders, including over 200 men and women with doctorates in the physical sciences, life sciences, and engineering. For more information about GEM, visit here.

*The National GEM Consortium STEM disciplines include engineering, computer science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, earth sciences, biology, and environmental science. 

For Rowan Faculty

The eGEM database is accessible year-round for recruitment purposes. If agreeing to sponsor a GEM Fellow, the fellow must be completely supported in tuition and fees. GEM Fellows can be sponsored through department fellowships, grant funding, or other funding mechanisms. Types of GEM Fellows follows:

  • GEM Employer Fellows (Employee Selected): University provides full tuition and fees**, and minimum $16K stipend; Industry employer contributes additional $20K. Participates in summer internships with industry employer.
  • GEM Associate Fellows (Doctoral and Master's students): University provides full tuition and fees** plus a stipend equal to other students (minimum $16,000) - no industry employer contribution.
  • GEM University Fellows (Master's students only): University provides full tuition and fees**. 

** Full tuition and fees equals up to 4 semeters for a master's fellow and up to 5 years for a Ph.D. fellow.

For more information about recruiting or supporting GEM Fellows or to gain access to the eGEM recruitment database, e-mail Rowan's GEM Representative Dr. Stephanie Lezotte at

For Rowan Students

In order to be considered for a GEM Fellowship, students must be a U.S. citizen or permenant resident and apply on the National GEM Consortium website which opens annually on July 1. Applications are due annually the second Friday in November. If accepted as a GEM Fellow, you benefit not only by being recruited by GEM Member Universities who cover your tuition and fees, but you also gain access to weekly GEM Fellowship meetings, access to the GEM alumni and industry network, and participation in exclusive GEM programs. 

If you are a Rowan student who has questions about application requirements or if you're a selected GEM Fellow and are interested in attending Rowan and would like more information, please contact Rowan's GEM Representative Dr. Stephanie Lezotte at

The GEM Calendar Cycle

Date Milestone Who
July 1 GEM Fellow application period begins Students
October 1 GEM Fellow application early consideration period ends Students
November - second Friday GEM Fellow application period ends Students
Late November GEM Fellow application evaluations Industry and faculty panel
December - March GEM Fellows matched with industry employers Industry employers
March 1 Deadline to accept/reject GEM applicants who applied to Rowan Rowan faculty and Rowan GEM representative
March 1 - April 1 Name University and Associate Fellows Rowan faculty and Rowan GEM representative
Summer Industry internships for employer-sponsored GEM Fellows Students, industry employers
Fall GEM Fellows begin graduate programs Students