President's Office

President's Office

Leading by Example

These are historic times at Rowan University. Our institution has long provided an excellent education for future teachers and lawyers, engineers and broadcasters, entrepreneurs and musicians, among so many more. We still do. But today, the climate here is even more exciting.

We are continuing to grow our programs and improve our facilities. We are in unique public-private partnerships to reduce costs and bring exciting new ventures to the University. Our two medical schools continue to reimagine health care education and delivery. We continue to broaden our academic partnerships to provide students high quality, affordable education options. There is, however, much more ahead.

I invite you to explore our website and learn more about what we offer our students and community. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Quick Links

Economic Impact Report

With $2.91 billion in statewide economic impact, Rowan continues to be a powerful economic driver far beyond its campuses.

Rowan Revolution

This report serves as a reminder of what we’ve accomplished together and as encouragement to keep moving confidently. We remain nimble and fearless, ready to make big, bold decisions and continue our tradition of transformation.

Promoting Diversity

President Ali Houshmand shares an overview of Rowan’s DEI commitment and what the effort accomplished during two historic years.

University of the Future

President Ali Houshmand challenged University representatives to write a roadmap for the future. The result: a solid plan that strengthens Rowan to even more effectively educate and innovate.

Senior Leadership

University leadership includes the President's Cabinet which advises the President on important matters pertaining to the management, operations and strategic goals of the University.

Hot Sauce

President Ali Houshmand is passionate about education and hot sauce, bringing them together to raise scholarships with Houshmand's Hazardous Hot Sauce. Learn more about it here.

Immersive Learning

Rowan is bringing immersive learning technology to its students.

Rowan Education Partners

Rowan Education Partners (REP) is an affiliate group of Rowan University that offers innovative and collaborative solutions for postsecondary institutions.