Ethical Obligations for Rowan Employees

Ray Braeunig
Chief Audit, Compliance & Privacy Officer and Ethics Liaison Officer

All State employees, including all Rowan University employees, fall under the rules and regulations of the State Ethics Commission. These rules and regulations are in place to ensure that employees conduct themselves in an ethical manner and to instill a sense of confidence and trust on the part of the public that they are doing so. All State employees are prohibited from engaging in activities that present a conflict of interest and it is incumbent upon all employees to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in how we conduct ourselves in the performance of our positions.

The Plain Language Guide lays out 10 principles of ethical conduct that all employees must follow.  This guide is based on the State’s Uniform Code of Ethics that has been adopted at Rowan. 

As State employees, we have some specific obligations and requirements.  Most importantly, all employees MUST:

  1. Submit receipts that they have received and reviewed the State’s Uniform Code of Ethics, the State Ethics Commission’s Plain Language Guide, and the Scholarly Capacity Rule Impact Statement.  Please see Summary of State Rules: Scholarly Capacity Rule Summary (Pamphlet)
  2. Complete the State Outside Activity Questionnaire 
    (Adjunct Faculty will complete the Outside Employment Form)
  3. Annually review the Ethics Briefing or attend an ethics briefing/training session conducted by the ELO or designated staff member.

All employees with supervisory responsibilities must also complete a Conflicts of Interest Certification.  In addition, employees must also fill out a Request for Approval for Attendance at Event Form before attending any off-campus events that are sponsored by a non-government group and that are not in their scholarly capacity or work capacity.  All employees who received a benefit while working within their scholarly capacity must annually complete the Scholarly Capacity Disclosure Form (this would include honoraria, royalties, conference attendance fees, etc.).   All employees involved in purchasing decisions must complete a Personal and Business Relationships Disclosure Form.

Members of the Rowan University Board of Trustees are required to complete Executive Order 14 Conflicts of Interest Form as well as review a complete list of vendors to ensure there is no conflict of interest. The University President is required to complete and submit the Financial Disclosure Statement for Public Employees.

These obligations are MANDATED by the State of New Jersey and the State Ethics Commission and employees must comply. The State conducts audits of all agencies, including the colleges and universities, to review compliance with these regulations.

Questions concerning these rules and regulations and related obligations should be directed to Ray Braeunig, Ethics Liaison Officer, (856) 566-6136 ( Also, allegations or concerns about ethical conduct addressed above should also be directed to the ELO.