Immersive Learning at Rowan

Immersive Learning at Rowan

Immersive learning at Rowan

Rowan University is introducing a new approach to learning using virtual reality (VR)-enabled experiences that combine “education through exploration” pedagogy and cinematic storytelling techniques through a collaboration with Dreamscape Learn and Arizona State University.

Rowan’s implementation of the Dreamscape Learn VR-enabled courseware and instructor platform will enable faculty to send students on “academic missions” in immersive classrooms.  

Immersive learning center 
Plans are underway to construct a new immersive learning center with multiple “pods,” each built to accommodate 30 students and two instructors. The pods will feature:
  • virtual reality headsets and sensors for each user
  • motion-capture cameras to convert each user into an avatar
  • haptic technology including fans, mist and shaking mechanisms.  

The pods will be offered in two versions:

  • free-roam, allowing users to safely move around the space 
  • classroom, allowing users to sit at desks. 

The immersive learning center will be built as part of the Campbell Library renovation project, beginning summer 2024. A six-person demonstration space will be ready by January 2024 for faculty development and training in the Samuel H. Jones Innovation Center at the South Jersey Technology Park. 

Course development
The University plans to build new, interdisciplinary immersive courses across all of its colleges and schools. Rowan anticipates licensing original immersive courseware to other institutions using the platform.

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