Economic Impact

Economic Impact

2024 Economic Impact

Quantifying Rowan’s Commitment to Drive the Region’s Economy

An independent study published in March 2024 calculated the University’s annual economic impact at $2.9 billion statewide, nearly double the same metric studied less than five years ago.

The study, conducted by Econsult Solutions Inc. (ESI) of Philadelphia, helps put into perspective why public higher education is critical to our society for creating opportunity through education. It also affirms the responsibility Rowan University fulfills as the innovation leader driving South Jersey’s—and increasingly, the state’s—economic growth.

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Institutional and individual impact

The study and report consider Rowan’s role in education, research and innovation, as well as  how the institution and individuals play a part in powering the economy.

Highlights include statistics at micro and macro levels:

  • Every $1 that Rowan spends generates $12 in economic activity in the state.
  • With $194 million in annual capital investments, Rowan’s construction-related projects support 1,000 full-time jobs, providing $63 million in employee compensation and generating $6.3 million in tax revenue.
  • Rowan has 4,100 employees, but day-to-day operation supports 14,700 full-time jobs well beyond our eight campuses.
  • Rowan-related activities impact Glassboro with a total of $225 million annually.

Value beyond the numbers

For sheer financial influence, Rowan’s economic impact is impressive. But, as always, the true value in these numbers is how they quantify the University’s commitment to serve the public and improve life.

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