Traveling on Official University Business

Before you plan Day, Domestic or International travel arrangements, please review the University Travel Policy. This policy applies to all administrative employees, faculty, staff, and others authorized to travel on behalf of Rowan University. Rowan employees are expected to use the Concur Travel and Expense software. Students traveling as official representatives of the University travel by sanctioned student organizations will be subject to the same policies and procedures as other University travelers. Always check with your department head to ensure you follow your unit's travel policies and preferences.

Employees traveling on official University business are expected to exercise care when planning travel and incurring expenses, considering that they are spending public funds and the use of public funds on behalf of the University is a matter of public trust. Travel arrangements should be planned in the best interests of the University to minimize travel expenses. Only the actual and necessary expenses incidental to the performance of official duties shall be reimbursed.

Note: All overnight travel requires pre-approval. 

Getting Started

Select one of the boxes below based on your current status. Employees will be directed to the Concur Travel & Expense home page. Students will be directed to the paper process to begin completing the appropriate forms. Non-Employee travelers when eligible may complete the approval forms before starting official university business.


Employee Travel

Concur is a comprehensive web-based service that provides Rowan Employees with all the tools needed to create travel requests, book travel and submit expense reports.

Paper forms

Student Travel

As previously announced, only Students will be permitted to submit the paper-based travel forms.

non-employee travel

Non-Employee Travel

Non-Employee Travel
When eligible Non-Employees such as candidates, guest speakers, or parents are reimbursed for appropriate expenditures including meals and hotels.