Non-Employee Travel

Non-Employee Travel

Non-Employee Travel

Non-Employee Travelers are individuals authorized to travel on behalf of Rowan University and will be subject to the same policies and procedures as other University travelers. (Examples of non-employees may include, a candidate, parent, guest speaker, honorarium, etc.). Non-Employee reimbursements are for reasonable and allowable expenses and shall be subject to departmental budget limits. 

All Non-Employees, with the exception of candidates and guest speakers, require pre-approval when traveling overnight. The Non-Employee Travel Request, domestic or international depending on location, should be completed. Once the traveler returns from their trip and reimbursement needs to be made, the Non-Employee Travel Expense Form should be utilized. All original and itemized receipts must be provided and attached to the form.

The Non-Employee Travel Expense form was designed to be easier to complete by having categories listed on the drop down menu, auto-fill calculation columns, predetermined IRS standard mileage rate, the ability to complete one form and include other travel related fees incurred during the day travel. The form was also created to align with the current federal, state and university rates. (Examples on the Expense form: mileage, tolls, registration, one day conference, workshop, training, meetings, etc.)

Forms Tip Sheets

Non-Employee Domestic Travel Request

Non-Employee International Travel Request

Non-Employee Travel Expense

Expense Report Tips

Know Before You Go

These Know Before You Go travel tips and resources are designed with you in mind. They contain information to help you prepare and enjoy your travel experience. It is your guide to getting ready and contains general information on travel documentation.

AP Tips

  • Forms work best with Internet Explorer
  • Deadlines: Completed & Signed form must be submitted within 45 days after travel was completed
  • Use one form to request reimbursements for all expenses 
  • Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses
  • All original itemized receipts must be submitted for reimbursements
  • Expenses under $25 do not require a receipt
  • All original itemized receipts must be taped to 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper
  • Do not highlight receipts
  • Calculate mileage using shortest route available
  • Ensure a Banner ID number is created by the Office of Contracting & Procurement
  • Must submit Google Maps


Accounts Payable Department has created a more efficient way to accept mileage submissions by reducing the supporting documentation to a mileage summary. This one page mileage summary condenses the information necessary to remain compliant with the travel policy. This summary can only be found utilizing Google Maps which provides a user friendly side panel for calculating mileage while displaying the shortest route. The Google Mileage Summary includes the shortest route, specific location search, fewer icons for simpler navigation and map display. As an added benefit, this will decrease the overall number of pages being printed and submitted.

Google Mileage Summary - How to Calculate Mileage