Division of Student Affairs

  • Students enjoy fun and games at Welcome Weekend.
  • Friends eat and laugh together at a dining table.
  • Friends laugh and enjoy a hammock

Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs = Your Success

Our small class sizes, experiential learning, leadership opportunities and career placement network put you – the student – at the center of our world. We strive to support our community through vital services, a variety of lifestyle activities, initiatives to help you succeed, and a wellness community to help you thrive during your college experiences. Explore all we have to offer!


There are cornerstones of campus experiences, such as housing and dining, that teach integral life lessons. We want to help you live your best college life.


What do you want to experience? What do you have to share with others in your community? Find your people through our people!


We want to ensure your success – at college and beyond. We offer our students opportunities to soar beyond the classroom.

Health & Wellness

Health & wellness is integral to your success. Our services can help you succeed.

Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone's college journey is unique. We embrace our students and relish the experiences they share withour community.

Whoo R our Profs?

Meet the Profs that make our community memorable.