How to Apply

How to Apply

How to Apply to the Bachelor of General Studies Program

Admission to the Bachelor of General Studies program is available to matriculated students who have earned a minimum of 75 credits who require a degree completion program. Successful applicants must be currently matriculated at Rowan; have 45 credits or fewer to complete toward a degree; be transferring from a declared major and provide evidence that they have attempted to make progress in the major; demonstrate that the BGS degree is the best option for them.

Upon advisor or self-referral to the program, students will meet with the Assistant Director of University Advising Services, Ms. Tiffany Delesandro (856-256-4937; to evaluate their candidacy for the BGS program and to identify the academic focus area. Students deemed to be suitable candidates will complete the BGS application and will submit it to the program coordinator, Dr. Danielle Gougon (; 856-256-4866). Successful applicants will then work with the advisor and coordinator to complete the BGS Learning Contract.

Student Learning Outcomes

BGS students can:

  • Define the major concepts contained within their chosen area of study;
  •  Communicate effectively in writing and in oral form;
  •  Access and evaluate information from a variety of sources;
  •  Effectively utilize critical thinking techniques;
  •  Draw valid conclusions through academic inquiry across disciplines;
  •  Develop clear, concise and attainable career goals based on their chosen area of study;
  •  Reflect upon their academic progress in their chosen area of study.