Compliance Education

Compliance Education

Compliance Education Training

The Compliance Education Training course provides an overview of the compliance program at RowanSOM, including RowanSOM's mission, components of the Compliance program, overview of laws which impact conduct at RowanSOM, proper conduct with government agents, interviews, search warrants, consequences for violations, and informational resources.

For all paid RowanSOM employees, please use the link below and follow the instructions to access the Compliance trainings.

Training Portal for Compliance Training 

Instructions for Accessing Compliance Trainings

For all other individuals (Volunteer faculty, Temporary and Agency Employees, Board Members, Guests), please contact the Compliance Office at (856) 566-6299 to schedule your training.

Please direct questions and/or concerns regarding Compliance Trainings to: Kathy Alburger at (856) 566-6299 or Ray Braeunig at (856) 566-6136.  


List of Other Rowan University Trainings 

This list includes links and contact information to the State of NJ Ethics training, Self-Serve Banner trainings (Professional Development), Office of Employee Equity and Labor Relations and Public Safety.