Attendance at Events

Attendance at Events

Attendance at Events

The RowanSOM Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity has developed a decision tree to help guide you while attending an event. Just click this link; Attendance at Events Decision Tree . You will need to fill out the Attendance at Events Form. You will also be provided with guidance in regards to accepting benefits, honorarium, entertainment and travel expenses. Please use this Attendance at Events information document, as a guide to help you complete any necessary forms.

The first thing you need to determine is if you are actually attending an event as defined by the New Jersey State Ethics Commission, or a meeting that you attend in the course of your official events.

Definition of an Event

A meeting, conference, seminar, speaking engagement, symposium, training course, ground-breaking, ribbon-cutting, meal, open house, cocktail party, fundraiser, holiday party, social function, or similar event that takes place away from the RowanSOM Employee's work location, is sponsored or co-sponsored by a supplier or a non-State government source and the invitation for which is extended to the RowanSOM Employee because of his or her official position for the University.

Travel Forms (Domestic/International)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the state ethics training online training module was completed in year 1 of employment, and state ethics briefing was completed in year 2, what should be done for year 3, 4, 5 and into the future?

Answer: The conflicts law requires that employees complete the mandatory ethics briefing in any year in which they have not received full training. Employees who have taken in-person or on-line training must receive the briefing in all subsequent years.

2. What is an interested party?

Answer: An interested party is:

  • a person or entity that is or may reasonably be anticipated to be subject to the regulatory or supervisory authority of RowanSOM, or any employee, representative or agent of that person or entity
  • a supplier to RowanSOM (meaning any private sector person or entity that is providing or is seeking to provide or may reasonably be expected to provide goods and/or services to RowanSOM) or any employee, representative, or agent of a supplier
  • an organization that advocates or represents the position of its members to RowanSOM (LOCAL OR NATIONAL MEDICAL ORGANIZATIONS/SOCIETIES INCLUDED), except if you are attending event for CME or
  • an organization that has interested parties as a majority of its members.

3. Do I need to complete an Attendance at Event form if I have been offered a complimentary registration?

Answer: Yes. If you have been offered a complimentary registration, a sponsor has paid for your attendance at this event. This form can be located here

This form needs to be completed in its entirety and forwarded to the Chief Audit, Compliance and Privacy Officer for review and approval.

4. Where do I find the Attendance at Events form?

Answer: here

5. When RowanSOM is sending and paying for an employee (faculty and Staff) to attend a professional (titles held at RowanSOM) development event, do they need to complete an Attendance at Event form?

Answer: Yes.

6. If I am going to a continuing education course and RowanSOM is paying or it is self-pay, do I need to fill out an Attendance at Event form?

Answer: You do not need to fill out AAE forms if you are attending training course that where you are satisfying your continuing education requirements and the University or yourself is paying for the training. However, if there is a sponsor who is paying for your CEU or CME, then you must complete and submit an approved AAE form to the ELO prior to attending the training.