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Sustainability @Rowan

Sustainability @Rowan

Welcome to the Sustainability @Rowan home page, where you can find information about Rowan University's efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We aim to accomplish this through our own activities and campus operations, and also by offering classes and degree programs to educate and inspire the next generation of sustainability professionals. We have more than ten sustainability degree programs at the moment, each with a vibrant student and faculty community. We also have two campus centers dedicated to sustainability topics, the Sustainable Facilities Center and the Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership.

Rowan University is a proud member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), and the Rohrer College of Business is an original signatory to the United Nation's Principles for Responsible Management Education. Our campus membership in AASHE was funded by Rowan Facilities' Dept. of Environmental Health and Safety, the Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership, the School of Earth & Environment, the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and the Rowan University Honors College.

You might know that there are more sustainability jobs than ever before. Environmental careers include everything from ecologists, geologists, and environmental scientists studying climate change to environmental lawyers and economists developing new policies; environmental artists, authors, and playwrights exploring humans' connections to the world around us; specialists and teachers in environmental education; computer scientists and engineers devising new technologies to reduce pollution; city and regional planners working to design a gentler future; and folks in all areas of business - from accounting and finance to managers and entrepreneurs - looking to make commerce more "green". We can help you develop the skills necessary for success in all of these areas, and more, at Rowan!

Learn more about everything sustainability at Rowan by exploring our site.

If you're a Rowan student, faculty, or staff, you can join several sustainability-related email lists.

Sustainability Events at Rowan List: The purpose of this list is to provide a venue for exchanging information about sustainability related activities or events at Rowan University. All faculty, staff, and students, as well as alumni and public constituencies, are welcome to be part of this list serv. Subscribe via the link or by messaging with the words "subscribe environment-events" in the subject line (without the quotation marks!).

Sustainability Teaching and Research (STAR) List: The STAR list is designed as a platform for conversation between and among Rowan University faculty and professional staff who are interested in sustainability issues. Restricted to Rowan faculty and professional staff, the list hosts sustainability-related conversations and helps accelerate collaborations. Subscribe via the link or by contacting the moderator