Meet the Student Staff

Meet the Student Staff

RAH 2021-2022 Student Coordinators

Rana Sarwatejas

Co-Sponsorship Coordinator

I am a senior Biochemistry major from Kathmandu, Nepal. This is my third year with RAH and my second as the Co-sponsorship Coordinator. For someone who is addicted to music, working for RAHCapella and the Battle of the Bands were awesome! Not only were those nights filled with great music and ebullience, but I also got to learn about the technical aspects of our sound-board and lighting for an event. Singing, pen-sketching, cooking, and spending time with my loved ones are some of my favorite leisure pursuits.

Annie Tran

DIY Project Coordinator

I am a senior Biology Major from Cherry Hill, NJ. This is my third year for RAH, and my first as the DIY Coordinator. Every weekend there is always a fun atmosphere at RAH, and I especially enjoy the DIY crafts that they provide. Some of the events I enjoy are the Bingo events, Casino Night, and Nerd Night. Outside of RAH, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, longboarding, playing games on my switch, and drawing.

Jon Marcolongo

Programming Coordinator

I am a senior chemistry major from Mullica Hill, NJ. This is my third year at RAH and my first year as the Programming Coordinator. Our bingo events are my favorite RAH events, and I am excited for you all to see what we have in store! I am one of the only commuters here at RAH, so I know how hard it is to find a parking spot on campus. In my spare time, I like hanging out with friends, playing miniature golf, and playing chess. Let’s make this year our best one yet!

Sofia Monaco

Tech Services Coordinator

I am a senior Biomedical Art and Visualization major with certificates towards Game Media Design and PaleoArt from Cherry Hill, NJ. This will be my third year at RAH and my second year as the Tech Coordinator! Every weekend is filled with smiles and laughter at RAH with my favorite events being those that include some sort of guest performance, whether it be a comedian or a musician. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, obsessing over watercolors, or hopping onto League. Also find me around if you ever want to discuss anything cool about animals, I’d love to hear all about it (I’m sort of an enthusiast of chromatophores myself). Otherwise, here’s to another year at Rowan After Hours, hope to see you there! :)

Tianna Garcia

Marketing Coordinator

I am Tianna and I am a senior exercise science major. I am the Marketing Coordinator for RAH and I am excited to be included in all the exciting events planned. In my free time you can find me enjoying a nice book in the sun or splashing in a puddle when it rains.


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