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RowanCard Office Home

 Information About the RowanCard Office


The RowanCard serves as the official identification while at Rowan University. Students, Faculty, and staff can use this multi-purpose photo ID to enjoy the convenience of purchasing power all over campus and around town without cash, checks, or coins. Each time you use the RowanCard, the amount of the purchase is deducted from one of two accounts--Dining Dollars or Rowan Bucks.

Need to have your RowanCard made? Visit our office located in room 203 of the Chamberlain Student Center to have your picture taken and to process your ID card.     




Student Resources

  • Learn about your RowanCard!
  • Locations that accept the RowanCard
  • What happens if I lose my card?


Upload your photo for your RowanCard

You can submit your RowanCard photo online! Once a approved we'll print your ID and have it ready for you to pick it up or mail it to you!!

Where Can I Use My RowanCard?

The RowanCard is accepted at almost 100 different local merchants!! From eating, getting your books, food shopping...the list goes on! Check who is accepting your RowanCard today!!


One card with so many questions!!

  • How much does a card cost?
  • Can I let someone borrow my card?
  • How does my block meal plan work?
  • I got a new card now GrubHub is giving me an error?

Merchant Resources

Are you a business in the Glassboro area? Are you interested in accepting the RowanCard at your place of business? Click here to find out more information and to get started

Meal Plans

Now that you have your RowanCard it's time to add a meal plan!! Learn about all the different options available to you. Weekly Plans? Block Plans? All Acces Plans?