There are a lot of resources available for any students seeking information about their RowanCard.

Want to add money (RowanBucks) to your RowanCard? Follow our video Tutorials

Where can I find my RowanCard number?



 Quick video tutorials:

Add money to your RowanCard: 


How a guest can add money to your RowanCard:

Where can I find my RowanCard Card number?

Every card has a unique 16 digit number. The first 12 digits are on the back.

backofcard The last 4 digits can be retrieved by logging into



If you are experiencing an issue with your RowanCard, go here to submit a request to remedy that issue.


Is your card lost or stolen? Do you need to deactivate your account?


Interested in learning more general information about your RowanCard? You can get any information you may need here.


You can use your RowanCard at a variety of on and off-campus locations.


RowanCard "Must Have" App


eaccountsnew With the eAccounts app, you can view your balance, suspend your card, make a deposit to your account, and see your transaction history, all through your phone!

Click on the appropriate link to download it to your phone. Then login with your Rowan credentials (same credentials to access your email)

 appstore google play