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Thanks for a busy semester

Looking forward to a productive winter break and Spring 2019

Thanks to everyone for a busy fall semester and for patience as we all adjusted to our new online system.

We're working out kinks during the break and expect to have a much smoother road for the spring.

If you have questions or a project on a tight deadline, please call us (256-4623) with your order number so we can check its status. 

Downtime during Banner outage  

       While IRT works on Banner Dec. 26 and 27, we'll be unable to process orders but will be open for pick-ups. We'll start service again as soon as Banner is available again. 

Use the new ordering system 

As of July, our new online ordering system is up and running, so no orders will be accepted using MyOrderDesk. Please submit all jobs through the Print Center's new web-based ordering system, WebCRD.

Download our Quick-Start Guide (PDF) to learn how to order using the new system.

Please login (or register) to use the new website. Please select a link below to begin access:


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Vendors & Guests


Here to help
If you need help with the new website, have a production question, require an estimate or need a job status update, please contact us at 256-4623.