Close Your Account

Close Your Account

If you are a graduating senior, are withdrawing, are taking a leave of absence, or would like to close out your account, you must complete this Closeout Form.


Rowan Bucks will only be reimbursed if they exceed $10.00 in remaining funds. If you do not have $10.00 left in your Rowan Bucks account, you will not be issued a refund. Requests to close-out your account must be completed by:

January 31st for Fall semesters

June 30th for the Spring semesters

If your request is not submitted by those dates, your refund will not be issued until the following semester.


Dining Dollars, unused meal plans, and free printing allotments will not be reimbursed.


Checks for eligible refunds will be sent to the permanent address on file for you. Please confirm this address is accurate prior to submitting this request.