Verification Help

During the verification process, we will make sure the data you entered on your FAFSA is correct. If you made a mistake, we will correct your FAFSA during verification. Please do not make any corrections to your FAFSA during the verification process. 

How do I access my verification documents?

The first time you log in to view the financial aid requirements you will be asked to verify your name, date of birth, and SSN. This information must match the information you submitted on the FAFSA.

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Verification Tips

  1. If you are being asked to upload a document and you aren't quite sure why, please look at the answers you selected on your form. The system will request required documents based off of your answer choices. A common error is for a student to check the box under "Tax Filers" even though the student never worked or earned income during the given tax year. If this option is selected, the system will require the student to upload their IRS Tax Returns. If you go back into the form, there is an option to select that the student did not work and was not required to file taxes. When the correct selection is made, the system will no longer request additional documentation for that item. 
  2. If you submitted your household form and then received a message that it was rejected because the number of family members does not match the FAFSA, this is an easy fix. Since the household size is one of the FAFSA data elements that can change the amount of aid for which you qualify, if we see a household size that is less than reported on the FAFSA, we will reject the form and make sure you double-check that you did not erroneously omit someone that should be on the form. If the form is correct, you can resubmit it without making any changes.


In accordance with N.J.A.C. 9A:9-2.5, if your financial aid includes an NJ State Grant or Scholarship: the State is not responsible for funding the award in the event of fraudulent, inaccurate, or misleading information.

In accordance with New Jersey Public Law 2022, c.127: The acceptance or declination of one or more loan offers shall not impact a student's eligibility for any other grants or scholarships detailed in the student's financial aid award letter.