Retrieving IRS Forms

Retrieving IRS Forms

Retrieving IRS Forms

Sometimes you may need to provide us with a document from the IRS. There are convenient and secure ways of getting these documents with no appointment with the IRS needed and, it's free!


Visit the IRS Website

Select the method you wish you retrieve your document:
  1. Online- This method works best for individuals who have an established credit history. You will need to successfully answer the security questions in order to create your account and log in to the system.
    • If you receive the document online, you will be able to instantly download various IRS tax forms and submit them immediately to our office. 
  2. By Mail- This method works best if you cannot answer the security questions to make an online account. 
    • The IRS will mail you the requested documents in 5-10 days to the address they have on file for you. You will then need to upload copies of these forms to us.

Mailing a Request

You can also mail a paper request to the IRS for tax documentation. You can download the form below and mail it directly to the IRS. Please know this option takes longer to process than either of the online options listed above. 

Download 4506-T