Accepting My Award

Accepting My Award

How to Accept Federal Direct Student Loans

Please Note: If you are taking summer courses and would like to use financial aid, please visit the summer aid page for instructions. 


Text instructions

  • Log into your Student Self-Service Banner Account
  • Select "Access Banner Services; Secure Area Login"
  • Select the "Financial Aid" Tab then "Select Award for Aid Yr"
  • Select "Aid Year" from the Dropdown Box and click "Submit"
  • Select the "Award Overview" tab
  • Select the "Accept Award Offer" tab
  • Accept Awards and Submit

Important Information

When accepting your awards, please keep in mind the amount is for the academic year. You will get half of your loans in the fall, and the other half in the spring. If you decide to select a lesser amount than offered, this will be split between the two semesters so please plan accordingly. If you need help correcting or updating your loan amounts, please contact our office. 

If you are graduating in December, your loans will be prorated and we need to manually adjust your award, please contact us to assist you. 

My Award Doesn't Look Right...

Did you complete the New Jersey State Application? While completing the FAFSA sends your information to the State of New Jersey, there are a few additional questions that students must answer before being awarded State funding. Please visit your New Jersey Grants account to view any outstanding requirements, including state verification.

Were you selected for FAFSA verification? You must complete verification before we can finalize your award.