Gourmet Dining

Gourmet Dining

Locations & Hours of Operation

Rowan University Dining is operated by Gourmet Dining Services, LLC.  Offering a wide variety of food choices across Rowan's Campus. Gourmet Dining provides the service of a full time Registered Dietitian to meet the needs of students and faculty with dietary needs,  Ranging from allergies, diabetes, religious preferences, sick meals, and even picky eaters.  The dietitian provides education and counseling free of charge to members of the Rowan Community.  Please contact Melissa Hudok, RD at mhudok@gourmetdiningllc.com to set up an appointment today! 


Residential Dining - All You Care to Eat Facilities

MP & Glassworks

Retail Dining - Chamberlain Student Center

Satellite Dining - Auxiliary Campus Locations